Checksum 'Carrie Rodriguez.md5' for Carrie Rodriguez 04/14/13
4ec2bea819591590c9d48acd99b06f3c *01. Intro.flac
a0ba82714b6b27c7d5dfd123eaae9ff6 *02. Devil In Mind.flac
5c67270777530a46d7701b7eaaaedfed *03. I Don't Want To Play House Anymore.flac
06f0df190e6c25eeda85a02e49a6a135 *04. 50's French Movie.flac
747ad753d8a965e1f3bc4e47e23ab9df *05. Absence.flac
8754bb53abe9c604aa080b242218b7da *06. Lake Harriet.flac
2b29d25de27e36b065ff2fb1c013cbb8 *07. Get Back In Love.flac
752b709916f86911b53dcc9ad3b59564 *08. Seven Angels On a Bicycle.flac
558f6ba5852986636248a2fa17d7eb60 *09. Today I Started Loving You Again.flac
f9e81e1e9876ca9d0ab29558b3fb1fbc *10. Fiddle solo.flac
8de68c3f81a5c8eb3683ab935d805395 *11. Brooklyn.flac
304471adc53570706d19b78f8a841471 *12. Got Your Name On It.flac
8bbf39b575a049d86a99cd304d28f7af *13. Unwed Fathers.flac
1943101dd9fc481f9e0481704ac2b505 *14. Sad Joy.flac
94c7f7ed67b6f11c43af7634d1aeae94 *15. I Cry For Love.flac
b5da4f41f899b897f263812275bede81 *16. I Don't Mind Waiting.flac
5cbdae2f87ea1a58021b9a2f5c27408b *17. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (w The Cactus Blossoms).flac
aa4833a13f81118fdb5fe7856a7b12b6 *Carrie Rodriguez.ffp
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