Grateful Dead 09/13/78
Gizah Sound and Light Theater, Cairo, Egypt
Source Summary
soundcheck; Aud Cassette Master -> ?? -> CD; via Jim Bennett
Grateful Dead
Gizeh Sound & Light Theater
Great Pyramid of Cheops
Gizeh, Egypt

SRC: Aud Cassette Master -> ?? -> CD


1.  Ollin Arrageed
2.  Egyptian (?) Instrumental
3.  Egyptian (?) Voice & String
4.  Egyptian (?) Voice & String

NOTES: The wind is present at times in the microphones, but (unlike the Squaw Valley JGB recordings, for instance), this often adds to the ambience.  Based on other nights, the singer/string player may be Hamza el-Din.  The Dead only seem to be present on the first song.

Extracted/shn'ed by, 6/02.  Thanks to the smiling source!
f757935b3083545d6df5806690ca85ee *gd78-09-13d1t1.shn
236ca710ff4818de839c2b32938e4028 *gd78-09-13d1t2.shn
53201635d77c5d6eb64bd51cfbe45d5d *gd78-09-13d1t3.shn
0f1e819f594a39c80058f0d5c5101ef6 *gd78-09-13d1t4.shn
2121520e5239327c0c33c855519390a4 [shntool] gd78-09-13d1t1.shn
5e04ab726ceb1dc1d7e299c777e67650 [shntool] gd78-09-13d1t2.shn
adb1f1732e96f2326c5dea4884b1a12f [shntool] gd78-09-13d1t3.shn
60ba7d95f3d4f2b7947bdf9163885d2d [shntool] gd78-09-13d1t4.shn

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