Nine Inch Nails 08/23/09
Webster Hall, New York, NY
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Taper = BennyBlanco aka ScreamingSlave (ETS)
Location = Balcony directly on right side of sbd
Gear = DPA 4061>Custom BB>R09HR @ 24/96
Nine Inch Nails
Webster Hall
August 23 2009
New York, NY

Taper = BennyBlanco aka ScreamingSlave (ETS)

Location = Balcony directly on right side of sbd

Gear = DPA 4061>Custom BB>R09HR @ 24/96

Mild EQ, Tracking , Downsample to 24/48 in SF9

Technical Note - This is a 24 bit Audio Master you will need to convert to 16 bit to burn to audio cd for cd player use

Support the Band buy the Music and go see them Live !!!!!!

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Notes : Words simply cannot describe this show TDS front to back the fact that it was 105 Degrees in the place and being in awww of hearing and seeing The Downward Sprial unfold live.

I have seen A ton of Live Nine Inch Nails after the last 2 LA dates of this Final NIN tour it will make 26 times in All.  This show by far Eclipses any show I have see by them it is now by far my favorite concert experience of all time NIN & Bowie being a close second.  

I can only hope in anticipation and wait and see what the Last 2 LA shows will bring.

Please enjoy this recording and please continue to support this great band after the touring is over by buying there amazing music.


1. "Mr. Self Destruct"
2. "Piggy"
3. "Heresy"
4. "March of the Pigs"
5. "Closer"
6. "Ruiner"
7. "The Becoming"
8. "I Do Not Want This"
9. "Big Man with a Gun"
10. "A Warm Place"
11. "Eraser"
12. "Reptile"
13. "The Downward Spiral"
14. "Hurt"
15. 1,000,000
16. Terrible Lie
17. Trent Speaks
18. Metal
19. Lights In the Sky
20. Burn
21. Gave Up
22. Suck
23. Physical
24. The Hand That Feeds
25. Head Like A Hole

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3526da5cb185f2bf8deb3e91ea7cb385 *01.Mr Self Destruct.flac
f8492ea6dd0f59632c85a80cec16fb93 *02.Piggy.flac
8c3f9ca00bb49c41096a9225b17527d1 *03.Heresy.flac
511c21083396b124672198d77b974024 *04.March Of The Pigs.flac
07cfcd317ba6dd87191185b70a2b3566 *05.Closer.flac
8d4b16a9aad36676ef68b6dafe762bd9 *06.Ruiner.flac
47e9c894d918c06c256bb096f4a1a612 *07.The Becoming.flac
8e6b42eca694019bf4b3650d415b7339 *08.I Do Not Want This.flac
da14d79c42a5ca30c3e2bdc00c58588d *09.Big Man with a Gun.flac
026fdb40b14ec9c95a2f209dde56c458 *10.A Warm Place.flac
3f569dc0bdd951573c395bc3ad6d9b24 *11.Eraser.flac
5e76856d81a6a23c5caf83ed1eb840ac *12.Reptile.flac
1f7706766b2796baa711e2e189d118fb *13.The Downward Sprial.flac
4ac8005181474bb5a9cdfe5b97d0b4c9 *14.Hurt.flac
5c2015f214ef133fcafe49ff0f4e7047 *15.1,000,000.flac
3bd05d7f4a91211cd9465f450b9c7578 *16.Terrible Lie.flac
43e989bd053c32dde3e7789b71be8e0f *17.Trent Speaks.flac
bdb71a586f6941517ceb22f6fc576679 *18.Metal.flac
c3c8c8a26b2eb6a03bed255d6798d82f *19.Lights In The Sky.flac
215ead4187c9e2053e5e05bd7eb5f87e *20.Burn.flac
d1701942ee98c028a4fde6890c951c45 *21.Gave Up.flac
bf749365f15d05409a77d9fa5336de42 *22.Suck.flac
b590be5bd2130062d74c0805312431f8 *23.Physical.flac
d2dd2af72773142bab1369f5d7a9b588 *24.The Hand That Feeds.flac
85af974c15cda6b71504adcc3d246903 *25.Head Like A Hole.flac
05f52b099d9b41818f6ac6aa95b4f07e *info.txt

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