Kate Gaffney 12/05/09
Evangeline's, Colfax, CA
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Recorded by Mike_Markov@Yahoo.Com
Kate Gaffney
December 5, 2009
Colfax, CA, USA


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Recorded by Mike_Markov@Yahoo.Com

01 Intro
02 Tired Wired
03 Fallen For The Road
04 Such A Marvelous Dream
05 Mosaic
06 Mighty Ship
07 Plea To Be
08 Ballad Of Sleepy John
09 Dead Flowers
10 Please Dont Bury Me
11 Angel From Montgomery
12 Long Monday
13 Gone Wanderin
14 Woman Be Wise
15 11 Degrees
16 Why I Love You
17 Standing On The Moon
18 Waves Of Today
19 Dont Resist
20 Round Of Christmas Cheer
21 Give It A Whirl
22 What Kind Of Man
23 Falls Bridge
24 Philadelphia Lawyer
25 My Word
26 Coachman
27 Wagon Wheel
e1b01d06fbc27d7b99b29a2c180b0a0f *kg2009-12-05t01.flac
fec589de7cee044c19590966c15443af *kg2009-12-05t02.flac
4059678064952e5fc1adc4a8d3b36120 *kg2009-12-05t03.flac
e61b9e86a6ad8ffb4a430783a0c7ca70 *kg2009-12-05t04.flac
ee67811de39750d3200b2ac59934a9bf *kg2009-12-05t05.flac
635fd4d5e47e3852e2af332e0d6b26e0 *kg2009-12-05t06.flac
234bafb06522ebfbec6fef0ad0e8224b *kg2009-12-05t07.flac
6bdd4e7676cb0e149fcbb70c714a6566 *kg2009-12-05t08.flac
c7347a91bf49f7d59bd79c59c9f1bad9 *kg2009-12-05t09.flac
60bbe1372ac88bb66b78e503f07447fa *kg2009-12-05t10.flac
85cb87622e29efb32ab8f9346aa0d4dd *kg2009-12-05t11.flac
72b2d6c5a0b117317395812cdc893022 *kg2009-12-05t12.flac
48784884d376a29eba49f4d94c432bf6 *kg2009-12-05t13.flac
f7a5d034ac38457ca0234d5da3a4894c *kg2009-12-05t14.flac
0d84e3b6443fd6640c07f7e05a966e86 *kg2009-12-05t15.flac
a560e4a64f895904284814d6675d3762 *kg2009-12-05t16.flac
ea0502f4a04590e4a50d727c1faa1c4c *kg2009-12-05t17.flac
275c4fd086473312f893b4233c0a14ed *kg2009-12-05t18.flac
2d7373d23e24d1c845e34badbcb00ab1 *kg2009-12-05t19.flac
890e0315443d8509483c7e761d4214b2 *kg2009-12-05t20.flac
8748c8d2de29d1957f7e15ff57db4d0a *kg2009-12-05t21.flac
51981ca3dcdbe1974feffe6fd108ce11 *kg2009-12-05t22.flac
bdf22530daf5c189b85290c5d26c41d8 *kg2009-12-05t23.flac
55fca90fb2090915d419bbc966468a62 *kg2009-12-05t24.flac
352e09b4241586e812a58df80e6b4cec *kg2009-12-05t25.flac
3ea154608d66edf997f077f3e842b552 *kg2009-12-05t26.flac
08d22258a48e042ef6b743095293a64b *kg2009-12-05t27.flac

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