Kate Gaffney 08/04/09
Torch Club, Sacramento, CA
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Recorded by Mike Markov
Kate Gaffney
August 04, 2009
Torch Club
Sacramento, California USA


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Recorded by Mike_Markov@Yahoo.Com

I'm thinking this was the best Kate solo show I've seen, she was dead on,
loose, having fun and throwing out some new tunes (to me)

01 Waves Of Today
02 Falls Bridge
03 Angel From Montgomery
04 Further On Down The Road
05 Fallen For The Road
06 Give It A Whirl
07 Ballad Of Sleepy John
08 Philadelphia Lawyer
09 Woman Be Wise
10 11 Degrees
11 Learning To Fly
12 Tired Wired
13 It Aint Me Babe
14 Soulshine
15 I Know You Rider
16 Sharp Cutting Wings
17 Who Will Save Your Soul
18 What Kind Of Man
19 Dont Resist
20 Dance Dance Dance
21 Happy Birthday
22 With A Little Help From My Friends
23 You Aint Goin Nowhere
24 And It Stoned Me
25 Lone Wolf
26 The Weatherman
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5b42997ba4af644b43118f18365c8f9a *kg2009-08-04t09.flac
ff2830fd442c067ed468e0838f1b9d49 *kg2009-08-04t10.flac
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7fc7de4b1d9647f22367f4f4e02bf4e0 *kg2009-08-04t12.flac
92cc63f973285d2c70a6f0ab92733a6e *kg2009-08-04t13.flac
e85477a6df0bc6e7d6739e94234407fc *kg2009-08-04t14.flac
09b2117427611b07ae8730d6519c366b *kg2009-08-04t15.flac
80bd07d59eb5bbc7bef14cbe4e05a5f4 *kg2009-08-04t16.flac
8c0c6932ba8c1bb7d20de5f9b0668fda *kg2009-08-04t17.flac
8e36ca3085475cda88b10f401d3b9dc0 *kg2009-08-04t18.flac
5b6aef6cf258a65ba5bd7f347126cefa *kg2009-08-04t19.flac
d47045a4618a3b25d6b0a4ea97cf252a *kg2009-08-04t20.flac
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c4aa04d0adc0d7b84a33704099436b28 *kg2009-08-04t24.flac
de9ae879ee8d1e98284fcb23d5715fee *kg2009-08-04t25.flac
32653fa589d6f60ac6ed7a849c3933d0 *kg2009-08-04t26.flac

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