Jim Weider's ProJECT PERCoLAToR 01/24/09
The Center for the Arts, Natick, MA
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Neumann KM184 > V3 > HDP2 > Adobe Audition > CDWav > Flac
Jim Weider\'s Project Percolator
January 24, 2009
The Center for the Arts, Natick, MA

Source: Neumann KM184s (~30\' Center at soundboard, ORTF 110*, 7\'high)>Lunatec V3>AES/Coax>Tascam HDP2(24/96)
Transfer: Tascam HDP2>Firewire>WAV
Master: WAV>Audition 2.0(resample>16/44.1, fades)>WAV>CDWAV(track)>WAV>FLAC Frontend(L7)
Recorded/transferred/mastered by Ken Hannan

[Disc 1]
01 Intro
02 Maze
03 Pulse
04 Troll
05 Broken Glass
06 New Day
07 Squirrels In Paris

[Disc 2]
01 No Exit Strategy
02 D Minor
03 Man Cry > Drums > Man Cry
04 call em back
05 Flight

Jim Weider - Guitar
Mitch Stein - Guitar
Rodney Holmes - Drums
Steve Lucas - Bass
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f8312e5d808def632ac34411f24cb290 *jwpp2009-01-24d107.flac
33e20818a7c2b4ee6e0a6ea8c20d4b40 *jwpp2009-01-24d201.flac
d99a3c34daab4690481106d471fd61ac *jwpp2009-01-24d202.flac
399715aaecf5633bf5ec809c219c151a *jwpp2009-01-24d203.flac
52265758c5a9e779460cb0d2c5ab62c5 *jwpp2009-01-24d204.flac
2ac1cef101ce54a90d44d2ed337a01e9 *jwpp2009-01-24d205.flac

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