Benevento/Russo 02/08/08
Stone Church, Newmarket, NH
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Benevento Russo Duo 2008-02-08 Newmarket NH MG200 FOB 16/44.1
Benevento/ Russo Duo
The Stone Church
Newmarket, NH

Source: Microtech Gefell M200\'s(DIN)>Audio Magic Hyper Conductors>Edirol R-4 (Oade T-Mod) @ 24/96

Mic Location: DFC, FOB 10\' from stage

Transfer: R-4>USB>pc>Sound Forge 7(track, resample and dither to 16/44.1)> Flac Frontend 1.7.1

Taped and Transferred by Jason Adler Jason at Galactic-Trading dotcom

01. 9x9
02. Hate Frame
03. Hey Hey Hey
04. Soba
05. Welcome Red
06. Blood, Not Sap
07. Powder
08. Play, Pause, Stop
09. Sunny\'s Song
11. Scratchitti
12. Walking Running Viking
13. My Pet Goat
14. encore break
15. Something For Rockets
16. Best Reason To Buy The Sun

64134f96ad349d43d9bd2bb4759a64ff *Duo2008-02-08_MG200_16-44T01.flac
12f09b61bff6eeaad5458d428fc0107e *Duo2008-02-08_MG200_16-44T02.flac
fdf844a2c4a248b97b9803d591dea15c *Duo2008-02-08_MG200_16-44T03.flac
a5c4dc3a04103d9401cbeb78b7d08596 *Duo2008-02-08_MG200_16-44T04.flac
093c1f123df04da08ea009ecb3cff292 *Duo2008-02-08_MG200_16-44T05.flac
75703d60e9f362098f62d581891810d4 *Duo2008-02-08_MG200_16-44T06.flac
ede1a545923c007697173cffed65bb19 *Duo2008-02-08_MG200_16-44T07.flac
fefcb622f145acaf7fad6b92198b50ce *Duo2008-02-08_MG200_16-44T08.flac
84595069726b040e557ebc19d1996ec5 *Duo2008-02-08_MG200_16-44T09.flac
800e32e9efc52095e601ec04be90e17f *Duo2008-02-08_MG200_16-44T10.flac
4c7564f7f5fcc1b36e6f2e3e1450a818 *Duo2008-02-08_MG200_16-44T11.flac
de8ee20295fe3531b57c493aca5cc4aa *Duo2008-02-08_MG200_16-44T12.flac
8692ebdcf74a1edaa62b6c72822c7db9 *Duo2008-02-08_MG200_16-44T13.flac
ed490cf4835dc54cd20ba2a8ce1fb5b1 *Duo2008-02-08_MG200_16-44T14.flac
257cf7b86a88e61163378f8708bb05e7 *Duo2008-02-08_MG200_16-44T15.flac
b650f1d100779e227faa44e83fe80908 *Duo2008-02-08_MG200_16-44T16.flac

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