David Grisman & Martin Taylor 11/08/96
Luther Burbank Center, Santa Rosa, CA
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flac16;soundboard > Sony PCM-F1; playback: Sony PCM-601esD > coax digital out (44.1kHz, 16 bit) > Sek\'d Prodif Plus > Sound Forge 8 (24 bit, normalize, tracking) > 16 bit .wav files > FLAC
David Grisman & Martin Taylor
November 8, 1996
Luther Burbank Center For The Performing Arts
Santa Rosa, CA

soundboard recording by Easy Ed

record: soundboard > Sony PCM-F1 (44.056kHz, 16 bit digital recording)

playback: Sony PCM-601esD > coax digital out (44.1kHz, 16 bit) > Sek'd Prodif Plus > Sound Forge 8 (24 bit, normalize, tracking) > 16 bit .wav files > FLAC level 8 encoding align on sector boundaries. Not burned to cdr - no EAC.

This recording has been lightly circulated in the past, but this is a new transfer done in December 2006 as outlined above. The old transfer lineage was: Sony PCM-F1 digital recorder (16 bit, 44.056kHz) > analog out > TC Equalizer Plus > Hhb cd recorder > DAE > Sound Forge > CD Architect > Philips OMNIwriter26 1.20 > cdr > EAC

first set:
1. (introduction by MC Raymond Jax)
2. (title?)
3. It Had To Be You
4. Swing 42
5. (title?)
6. Out Of Nowhere
7. Just Squeeze Me (MT solo)
8. Tears (DG solo)
9. Please
10. Besame Mucho
11. Dawgmatism/Dawgma
1hr05m20s second set:
1. (title?)
2. Tzardas
3. Stompin' at the Savoy
4. Minor Swing
5. (title?)
6. "a few fiddle tunes" (DG solo)
7. Georgia (MT solo)
8. Teasin' the Frets
9. Mood Indigo
10. El Cumbanchero
11. Manoir De Mes Reves

The first set is mono (two channels), can't remember why. The second set is stereo.

This recording was made with the knowledge and consent of David Grisman but it being shared without his knowledge or consent.

After snatching this and listening to it, you will of course immediately purchase Tone Poems II by David Grisman and Martin Taylor, where you can hear their music perfectly recorded on great vintage instruments, and be blissfully happy for having done so.

In addition to the great discs of his own music and collaborations, David Grisman's Acoustic Disc label has put out amazing discs by other artists you have to hear, like Oscar Aleman, Dave Apollon, Rudy Cipolla, Red Allen & Frank Wakefield, Jethro Burns, Tiny Moore, Frank Vignola, et al. You can be assured that releasing those titles was not profitable but was done for the love of the music and to share it with the world so please support that effort by purchasing some of the cds. There is also a live Grisman Quintet show you can download from his site.

This is not some multigenerational copy of indeterminate lineage acquired through trading that's been on everybody's tapelist for years. This is straight from the person who recorded it- me!


966079e5260a91c3d393a1c8d1cb93e7 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylor.txt
7bf88adfe9830158deb92323f5a63ac0 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD1tr01.flac
24537f5d429a9a426621e3f7b1e47f94 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD1tr02.flac
8c7e43d90908f020ecae1caf40578233 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD1tr03.flac
4bb199501377b95f12acd81af3670a3f *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD1tr04.flac
397bef88919766280e69c315f3672e24 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD1tr05.flac
c1b59ce96753c1f56e662119160ad6c4 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD1tr06.flac
e063d54daed66103eae4c7a562c09bd2 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD1tr07.flac
cba4d9b0c7d119e6db5e4cf88d280d89 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD1tr08.flac
117fd90dfd27ebbafd8c9ab3d776258c *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD1tr09.flac
c02e150343993c318d87a55157d94ba3 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD1tr10.flac
6ff9c95e2944fc88eb27911df1d6fd2f *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD1tr11.flac
bcfa23293cd43ad3a2569c78ba8186e5 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD2tr01.flac
bcee2c82cef2ed79d1486b88cdbc2a7f *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD2tr02.flac
853ed3b6c7a3fc12531e8802fe3321f1 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD2tr03.flac
f5385b7ea3f7f9907d4b65ea65b8d91a *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD2tr04.flac
5c3206ffd686b9877b333f0a9e8b64d1 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD2tr05.flac
10e4ad878878ce68f0def731071cdfd6 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD2tr06.flac
ae8df239c3300425ee47e1b86d376d36 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD2tr07.flac
b906be55bbf62b9daf10bd1135480ec3 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD2tr08.flac
192744b345e73e2961ce787f6875a067 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD2tr09.flac
96560dcd4768a634460ae62beaaab243 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD2tr10.flac
8ed357f7d14c51d8b783a04c11a66176 *1996Nov8GrismanTaylorD2tr11.flac


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