Victor Wooten 03/25/09
BB Kings, New York, NY
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Entered by Ben Mohr
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FOB Neumann TLM-170 (cardioid) > Sound Devices 722 (@24/96); Soundforge > CDWav > FLAC
Victor Wooten
BB Kings
New York, NY

Neumann TLM-170 (cardoid, FOB sweet spot) -> Sound Devices 722(@24/96)

FLAC File processing in SoundForge Audio Studio 9.0c (Peak Level Normalize to 0db; resample to 44.1 with interpolation accuracy 4, anti-alias filter; 24->16 bit highpass triangular dither with high pass contour noise shaping); Tracked in cdwav

3.  Two Minds, One Groove
5.  P.Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)/Wade In The Water/Don\'t Wanna Cry
6.  victor invites up his daughter to sing and son to play drums
7.  Better People (India.Arie)
8.  victor invites up Sondra Williams
9.  Improv song
10. I Saw God
11. banter - Victor invites out Oteil Burbridge
12. Oteil-led jam
13. Tal Wilkenfeld-led jam
14. Steve Bailey-led jam -> The Chicken
15. banter
16. The Climb (Miley Cyrus)
18. thank yous/?
19. encore break
20. What Did He Say?
21. Miss U
22. Me & My Bass Guitar
54eb6f320dc62da34a8699cbd2539ad7 *vwooten2009-03-25t01.flac
a768353bc7a0c15c178165447a0a62ac *vwooten2009-03-25t02.flac
bcc6b085881bc9cba0c7588e81dc4660 *vwooten2009-03-25t03.flac
409a901627d1b858c094edd7a07f1535 *vwooten2009-03-25t04.flac
5a9eb9a8c9e22b70d5c73952f328bd79 *vwooten2009-03-25t05.flac
44e8c871b9a10c558914331f572f542a *vwooten2009-03-25t06.flac
db77754d6b707708c6cbf4a9dbcfacc6 *vwooten2009-03-25t07.flac
bf18a3e4693942ad03645011346b1d76 *vwooten2009-03-25t08.flac
1b3ae628e6aca04c1da175f9a5abd953 *vwooten2009-03-25t09.flac
05639f8200065cbf66e7cea97b5e790e *vwooten2009-03-25t10.flac
b4ec7a1cbc75bf608ed1ceaf7136072a *vwooten2009-03-25t11.flac
854e4a15ca12eaa158aca75ea8cc600c *vwooten2009-03-25t12.flac
065fc4298859516a843f213d2a61ce5e *vwooten2009-03-25t13.flac
5be133ce7f47d6d82e2031cc9c16b867 *vwooten2009-03-25t14.flac
60e7138a9d97b6483de489391fffb640 *vwooten2009-03-25t15.flac
e184f8fbfd69922b9aa15961aa844632 *vwooten2009-03-25t16.flac
31e5989ddc10ddbcc5ae40497f4c23d1 *vwooten2009-03-25t17.flac
3609168f0ed4ba8c372887e0350f72d7 *vwooten2009-03-25t18.flac
7f7e4c4a0c99fc651899c6b2ffcc9f49 *vwooten2009-03-25t19.flac
0dd86a9a45a0f5f9af5bdd74c856c13f *vwooten2009-03-25t20.flac
9f95c5ac16d3ba8d7573bde2447596bd *vwooten2009-03-25t21.flac
a4be7206b1254349a03dcdc0ee1a080a *vwooten2009-03-25t22.flac

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