Brock Butler 12/30/09
The Five Spot, Atlanta, GA
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Brock Butler w/ Under The Porch
12-30-09 @ The Five Spot Atlanta, GA

1. Superfly*
2. The Joys There Could Be
3. Cold Gold
4. If Ever Even Then
5. The Weather and the Wait
6. Breathe In
7. That Was Your Mother
8. Found A Job#
9. Sweet Thing^

* End of Under the Porch set, plus Brock, beginning of track missing
# Only members of Under the Porch
^ w/ all members of Under the Porch, plus Adam Perry and John Hruby from Perpetual Groove
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d7b690bb25f6ac1a6fe68986a01a546b *brock2009-12-30d1t08.flac
7b3a0f817700bcbb54496a1b8a7141a4 *brock2009-12-30d1t09.flac

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