Steve Kimock Band 12/22/01
Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
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(Stage) Rode NT2 -> Sound Devices MP2 -> Sony SBM1 -> Dat (Sony D8/44.1k) -> Samplitude -> CD
Steve Kimock Band
Crystal Ballroom
Portland, OR.
December 22, 2001


Recorded/Transferred by Charlie Miller
(Stage) Rode NT2 -> Sound Devices MP2 -> Sony SBM1 -> Dat (Sony D8/44.1k) -> Samplitude WAV > SHN


Cole's Law >
Tangled Hangers,
A New Africa,
High & Lonesome,


Why Can't We All Just Samba?
You're The One (set two opener),
It's Up To You,


Free's Frame,
Long Form Part 1,
Five B4 Funk


Steve Kimock - guitars
Rodney Holmes - drums & cymbals
Mitch Stein - guitars
Alphonso Johnson - basses

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981d75614e79ebafb8a6f8bd58a12755 *skb.2001.12.22.d1t02.shn
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17b15dd325fb1f3dd4a4575c6b176cd3 *skb.2001.12.22.d3t02.shn
1fce57bc120e220cedf21191d3f4d36c *skb.2001.12.22.d1t01.shn

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12/25/2002 Mark Goldey The last track on each disc has a sector boundary error
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