Big In Japan 07/25/02
13th Floor, Baltimore, MD
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Entered by Nicolas Caudle
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(10' from band)MG m200> PS2> AD20> D8 M1(master dat)> Audiophile 2496 s/pdif> SoundForge 6> CDWave> Shorten32 recorded by Steve Sanford, transferred and tracked by binarycortex. 2 sets each has 7 tracks...all improv
big in japan

13th floor - belvedere
baltimore, md

I dont know how to break it into cds...they never stop playing from note 1...

(10' from front center stage)mg m200> ps2> ad20> d8(steve sanford)
m1(master dat)> audiophile 2496 s/pdif> soundforge 6> cdwave> shorten32(binarycortex)
058cca841ac40d7a3c1dd985f719535d *bij2002-07-2501.shn
295fb2ee1d6a0d8d2b55a1295069d48b *bij2002-07-2502.shn
e7c77e8c7fc5c2d89924775edba3c10d *bij2002-07-2503.shn
15f419a768fba41d3ed4ee6c4c4b24ef *bij2002-07-2504.shn
8f422bf0d878a94479530e6b7ad4a411 *bij2002-07-2505.shn
57d7419bdbd0dd6aec9e89b2092c638d *bij2002-07-2506.shn
992d8505985369265884950312a262f0 *bij2002-07-2507.shn
12ba886cec35b6d61753665b147509c9 *bij2002-07-2508.shn

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