Garaj Mahal 11/12/10
Spirit of the Suwanee Music Park, Live Oak, FL
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Garaj Mahal ~ Bear Creek 2010-11-12 ~ Schoeps mk4cmc6 ~ 16 bit
Garaj Mahal
Purple Hat Tent
Spirit of the Suwanee Music Park
Live Oak, FL
Source: Schoeps mk4/cmc6 -> Lunatech V3 -> Sound Devices 722
Transfer: SD722 -> pc -> Wavelab 4 (fades, resample & dither) -> cdwav -> Torrent Spy -> Vuze
Taped and transferred by Steve Bazley

Garaj Mahal 2010-11-12D1T01.flac:4010a5b46fbb8b75c20a76b351eba2c4
Garaj Mahal 2010-11-12D1T02.flac:d0ee7eefe45d4212488a3f99583c1183
Garaj Mahal 2010-11-12D1T03.flac:434981ce594efb2303f17e46cf25ad42
Garaj Mahal 2010-11-12D1T04.flac:b7b533d0824c570fc5af6e323514b7cf
Garaj Mahal 2010-11-12D1T05.flac:651292c071ab2b7b326ae9234e3185a9
Garaj Mahal 2010-11-12D1T06.flac:866368d3f33ea12680f5f24560e5805a
Garaj Mahal 2010-11-12D1T07.flac:471797663bf09a6434cace0f244e62e5
Garaj Mahal 2010-11-12D1T08.flac:16d7c54a7495d128e3d7a0e97f1b3676
Garaj Mahal 2010-11-12D1T09.flac:66de21105ba1b3dddcf29310a5caaa47
Garaj Mahal 2010-11-12D1T10.flac:3ea0b870449638467fca6b72603f734a

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