Fairport Convention 05/10/74
Sanders Theatre, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
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Entered by rob berger
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sbd unk gen reel @ 7.5 ips, Jerry Moore's copy, transfer/mastering by Rob Berger, pitch/seed by Alan Bershaw
Fairport Convention   May 10, 1974
Sanders Theater, Cambridge, MA

Source: Jerry Moore's Maxell XL-1 35-90B Reel @ 7.5ips
(recorded on a TEAC A23300S with Dolby B on February 5, 1984)

Lineage:: Soundboard Direct Stereo Line Feed > ? -> cassette (played back on Sony D5) -> Jerry's Maxell XL-1 35-90B Reel with Dolby B @ 7.5ips  (played back on a Technics RS-1506 with a TEAC AN-180 outboard Dolby unit)->PC 24/96-> CDwav 16/44.1 -> Logic Pro (speed correction, silence/dropout editing, track indexing - NO additional processing)-> wav 16/44.1-> xAct-> flac (Total Time: 89:08)

Transfer and mastering by Rob Berger and Alan Bershaw on October 16 and 17, 2011

Sandy Denny - vocals, piano, guitar, tambourine
Trevor Lucas - vocals, guitar
Dave Swarbrick - vocals, violin
Jerry Donahue - lead guitar
Dave Pegg - bass, vocals
Dave Mattacks - drums

disc one: (show) 71:32

1 Matty Groves 07:45
2 Solo 05:13
3 Sloth 14:13
4 It'll Take A Long Time // 03:51*
5 --Trevor intros next song & tuning 00:44
6 Dirty Linen 04:41
7 Brilliancy Medley/Cherokee Shuffle 04:14
8 --Trevor intros Sandy 00:33
9 Like An Old Fashioned Waltz 04:57
10 Rising For The Moon 04:36
11 --Sandy and Trevor monologue 02:16
12 Ballad Of Ned Kelly 04:09
13 --Swarbrick monologue (joke) 03:01*
14 John The Gun // 00:32*
15 --Sandy intros next song & tuning 00:32
16 Down In The Flood 03:35
17 --Trevor intros last song & tuning 00:51
18 Sir B McKenzie's 05:44

disc two: (encores) 17:34

1 --1st encore applause 01:29
2 --Sandy intros next song & tuning 01:07
3 Who Knows Where The Time Goes 06:52
4 Six Days On The Road 03:24
5 --2nd encore applause 00:29 *
6 Unidentified Instrumental 04:11

There are four uninterupted sequences on Jerry's reel. The * after timings indicates that track as being the end of one of those sequences.
Intermittent equipment buzzing on stage.  It primarily effects the quiet parts between songs during the first half of the set.
The opening number, "Matty Groves," begins shortly in progress just before Sandy sings the first verse.
"It'll Take A Long Time" and "John The Gun" are incomplete.
"Hexamshire Lass" is introduced by Swarbrick during track 13, but was apparently not recorded.

Although not without issues, this is superior quality to all circulating copies of this recording and is more complete than most.  Unlike many versions making the rounds, "Like An Old Fashioned Waltz" is complete and the second encore is included. The second encore is an instrumental, but is not one of the standard Swarbrick fiddle medleys common to this era.  If anyone can better identify that last track, please do.
01 Matty Groves.flac:400697af94be47049501b91340be8074
02 Solo.flac:ec0f8cd87cc5a39bb86197dd5b6024ac
03 Sloth.flac:533a278b35ac4268f2c0b31bb21c0943
04 It'll Take A Long Time(inc).flac:fbc1d72643a1a0918137b8f41e14613e
05 Trevor introduces DL.flac:e4f00a4668fa9f9985206551120feb33
06 Dirty Linen.flac:44601e68f3aa7cfc8e915e7f0a795ca9
07 Brilliancy Medley.flac:4d31724fc1158ead4205f1d3231923c3
08 Trevor introduces Sandy.flac:7707a6dca535855b70ceb3c45c815377
09 Like An Old Fashioned Waltz.flac:9d73c5cff8a77596d985c2d25cc333c5
10 Rising For The Moon.flac:0a295b3a688ad66e0c187e472068f9cb
11 Sandy and Trevor monologue.flac:cf5ea856e03e7ebbb3ccb46e45044d20
12 Ballad Of Ned Kelly.flac:50b8df843295d6315b7d9f9c477a81d7
13 Swarbrick joke-monologue.flac:6ebfde8724da676d5fecb664304764cd
14 John The Gun(inc).flac:41c43498480fc447fac7deb60c583849
15 Sandy intros DITF.flac:7132657c9ce5ea39be57ac00ec309e39
16 Down In The Flood.flac:74f231ebc2e13d7f1560f2800a0c5384
17 Trevor intro & tuning.flac:e6f6a5e2073cc128b7cd4e6b5664d75a
18 Sir B McKenzie.flac:b6cae6f5876594e3e69f0c4c33dcf9c7
19 1st encore applause.flac:d4d18511de84f8e5b7f1fe14087e175a
20 Sandy intro & tuning.flac:cad9f8bff684da1802c836ef991351fe
21 Who Knows Where The Time Goes.flac:2f3a3221bd0fd844a756ee4f66443ace
22 Six Days On The Road.flac:deb4e3fc38f4d3815abe12302542305f
23 2nd encore applause.flac:3997dec38532fefb31b8a3faaa394aaf
24 unidentified fiddle tunes.flac:8f7be7b3a914e19b087300df5cfd57e5

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