Amy LaVere 03/09/12
Schuba's Tavern, Chicago, IL
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flac16: Busman BSC1-K31 > Naiant Littlebox > Edirol R-09HR (24-Bit/96kHz)
Amy LaVere
Schuba\'s Tavern
Chicago, IL

Taper:  Jeff Abbs
Source:  Busman BSC1-K31 > Naiant Littlebox > Edirol R-09HR (24-Bit/96kHz)
Transfer:  SDHC Card > Audacity > .wav (16-Bit/96kHz) > CD Wave Editor > .flac (Level 8)

Set I:

01. That Beat
02. Never Been Sadder
03. Washing Machine
04. Stranger, Stranger
05. Green Grass
06. A Great Divide
07. Railroad Boy
08. Candle Mambo
09. Damn Love Song


DIN Configuration, 3\' ROC, 8\' High, 25\' Away.

Opened for Rich Robinson.
81b0390d96bbe62e57fc271f3ca8ed6b *alavere2012-03-09.ffp
e43583001bbf629d09a0f0f311bcc005 *alavere2012-03-09.txt
236296dbcb5ee9e50b32fb747f6ebd2d *alavere2012-03-09t01.flac
8f5ce97515a492592bca0a78e77c477a *alavere2012-03-09t02.flac
53f1eec5670620a16cbaafcb39f2d8be *alavere2012-03-09t03.flac
938194818822f884261abfd223060670 *alavere2012-03-09t04.flac
f2bbd3bc4276d1f5f1bf78b891a1b57a *alavere2012-03-09t05.flac
19c4ad2fc244aa4b4782fd981e898e49 *alavere2012-03-09t06.flac
2f5f6e38bb1d0fcb207f30630e6af7dc *alavere2012-03-09t07.flac
6580264a215b30009b6a546a1019cbd0 *alavere2012-03-09t08.flac
1449f54d0cf504128620593745a633e5 *alavere2012-03-09t09.flac

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