Willy Porter 11/27/01
Pavilions, Plymouth, United Kingdom
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(flac) Premium Slimline Hypercardoid Mics > Aiwa AM-F70 MD Recorder
Willy Porter
Live in the UK
November 2001

Source: Premium Slimline Hypercardoid Mics > Aiwa AM-F70 MD Recorder
Taper: Paul Holland

Retracked with shntool and converted to FLAC by Dan Greuel

11/27/2001 - Pavilions - Plymouth, United Kingdom

1. Power Lines
2. The Trees Have Soul
3. People Need Food
4. You Stay Here**
5. Cut The Rope*
6. Happy Accident
7. Dandelion On The Minefield

* - with Doane Perry & Jonathan Noyce from Jethro Tull
** - with Martin Barre from Jethro Tull
willyp01-11-27t01.flac: 4c16d222631a068f4a0971f44f5f7f85
willyp01-11-27t02.flac: 93199ddb84d5fd54d86917a76ea5c717
willyp01-11-27t03.flac: 340f85e14d0e05ff6e7baf9b827bcd57
willyp01-11-27t04.flac: 8ced117b727f2443784accdc627a2c9e
willyp01-11-27t05.flac: 6acd426bb272088a7db0e518e09fc33c
willyp01-11-27t06.flac: c457acc7034279307bbfe07f0bc56082
willyp01-11-27t07.flac: 770491a0ce2539e1d719c6da404eeacb

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