Arlo Guthrie 10/22/11
Oneonta Theater, Oneonta, NY
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AKG CK91[MK90/3]/SE300B > Marantz PMD 661; SDHC > iMac > Audiofile Wave Editor (tracking, fades) > FLAC
Arlo Guthrie & Friends
Oneonta Theatre
Oneonta, NY
October 22nd, 2011

Source: AKG CK91[MK90/3]/SE300B > Marantz PMD 661
Lineage: SDHC > iMac > Audiofile Wave Editor (tracking, fades) > FLAC

Recorded, transferred and posted by DigiGal
Description: ** 16-bit/44.1 Khz **

Disc 01 [Set I]
01 Green Green Rocky Road
02 -getting older-
03 Darkest Hour
04 -band intro/airport story-
05 Coming Into Los Angeles
06 -remembering Woody-
07 Deportee
08 -talking unions-
09 Union Maid/Ladies Auxiliary
10 -know what I'm saying-
11 Pretty Boy Floyd
12 -motorcycle story-
13 The Motorcycle Song
14 -why that one-
15 St. James Infirmary

Disc 02 [Set II]
01 Pig Meat
02 -stories of Lead Belly-
03 Alabama Bound
04 -story of Ramblin' Jack-
05 Highway In The Wind
06 -song intro-
07 I Hear You Sing Again
08 -Cyril story-
09 Haleiwa Farewell
10 Slow Boat
11 City Of New Orleans
12 The Hymn
13 Journey On
14 Back By Popular Demand
15 This Land Is Your Land
16 Encore Story
17 E: My Peace

AKG CK91[MK90/3]/SE300B (ORTF) at 9 ft height, front row of center silver section
just left of center.  Tracked out to fit on 2 CD's as indicated,
discs can be joined smoothly.

Thanks to Arlo Guthrie and Oneonta Theatre for allowing taping and sharing.
This is Free Trade Recording and any sales of the recording are forbidden,
it is intended only for fans to trade and share.

  **Arlo Guthrie & Friends**
"an evening of songs & stories"

Arlo Guthrie - vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboards
Abe Guthrie - keyboards, vocals
Krishna Guthrie - guitar, vocals
Terry "A La Berry" Hall - drums

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13832f80c34cc5d22cfb1b2309a7d2ed *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d1t03.flac
eecc54e5c3f858a2465da7afcd43dca4 *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d1t04.flac
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32a2e1eb58255fcd661998208311e844 *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d1t08.flac
7f02e767eb56e4c2f121b5ad430b213c *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d1t09.flac
521307ca74b36cd71217b0ceb8426d9d *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d1t10.flac
f1b82ba5264727c1ab1a2ad39cec575a *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d1t11.flac
dc7af3fc8968d90ff3207bcfdad637d8 *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d1t12.flac
25b6508f06eff5dabb1248821d494b8c *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d1t13.flac
f3d50f0b4426dbc8c03bb39a00994765 *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d1t14.flac
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a89a7c97abb1fd62712ceefb7953961b *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d2t01.flac
4eb479be38d836faec51f052c0f2a1bc *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d2t02.flac
74643d6e8e38a5d87cb2faa28b8c04fd *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d2t03.flac
f23171be0b5a8d6bf4c2e6f8613c57f8 *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d2t04.flac
95e82b0b5c57313fe4aad770ad5dfb61 *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d2t05.flac
c109e0e52eb632eac58d235818b92ef2 *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d2t06.flac
6652ad1ce95933bb626218c4ccd1f5da *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d2t07.flac
6cdb6ac8def94488f86f7391f78bed2d *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d2t08.flac
5e8d61607d5cf239e0adde7d279400ad *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d2t09.flac
fc11341342745d1afcd8c45d63521009 *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d2t10.flac
8c0d67033af1602bc8bab0ccbfc417cb *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d2t11.flac
7f10a2aac51b348a8a77014bb65c3322 *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d2t12.flac
bba01a07d0e3e4f49d3f1eb8cf4589ac *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d2t13.flac
fb620236507af7cb5c4dd522f2d7d3c0 *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d2t14.flac
94bd994655de41ae704ca4278e1da038 *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d2t15.flac
1392aa079daed8aa9067de2a637e8649 *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d2t16.flac
4193b1a74c7e79e00f07baab1bd8aa42 *ag2011-10-22.akg391.digigal.d2t17.flac

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09/27/2012 DigiGal Please delete this one it had akk in the torrent file instead of akg
09/27/2012 DigiGal ^^^ The previous comment doesn't apply to this one which is properly listed as akg. As far as I can tell this one should be all seeded and ready to go.

This was my first time seeding to etree so it was a bit rough for me. I had anticipated a learning curve so I used a recording from last year.

A big thanks to Mark for his help in guiding me through the process along the way.
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