Trampled by Turtles 11/10/12
Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, WI
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Trampled By Turtles 2012-11-10 Pabst Theater Milwaukee, WI (MK4V)
Trampled by Turtles
Pabst Theater
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
November 10 2012

Schoeps MK 4v(Din)> CMC6 > Aeta Mix 2000 > Sound Devices 744t @24bit/48hz
8ft high DFC FOB at the brass rail
CF > Samplitude 11 > Sound Forge 10 > CD wave > TLC
Tagged in Foobar 2000
Taper: soling (

Run Time: 102:08

01 Bloodshot Eyes
02 Victory
03 On My Own
04 Codeine
05 New Orleans
06 ?
07 Sorry
08 Truck
09 Still in Love with You
10 Widower\'s Heart
11 Wait So Long
12 Help You
13 Separate
14 Don\'t Look Down
15 High Water
16 Feet and Bones
17 Stranger
18 Its A War
19 Midnight on The Interstate
20 Alone *
21 call back/Erik banter
22 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
23 Whiskey

* Eamonn McLain - cello

Dave Simonett - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Tim Saxhaug - bass, vocals
Dave Carroll - banjo, vocals
Erik Berry - mandolin
Ryan Young - fiddle, viola, cello, mandolin

In support
Lucy Michelle and The Velvet Lapelles

Go see live music. This tape by fans for fans, never for sale.  Support the artists by purchasing their official release and merchandise.

0fbf41ae736a21a7054c63c83d5340b3 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V01.flac
56c8434b804ae72f779234fcdfbb9360 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V02.flac
b21be68b35752be515feceeda7f2ec25 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V03.flac
6b41d47062aa1e968e3a5c1d527ec34a *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V04.flac
55ee353a5a72e5de79733d622d2a2429 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V05.flac
42dbe71cbcac0ed44848fbfaa19bb9c5 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V06.flac
827f73e6d0d16b966fad1ab6b311c48d *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V07.flac
eed85bcec764d3b1f280084a6a9f12cf *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V08.flac
6e404e1119c3dd10bada13030070c4bd *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V09.flac
5d15a586164040475513539468f14f60 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V10.flac
78655cdab1db31afc3f379596721f362 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V11.flac
964df60324d8f3483d6a110f6cc51bb2 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V12.flac
32eeb29abdf7b43008df294da13c5f9c *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V13.flac
7ac864d8041737ccd01582697ef9c655 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V14.flac
1537b548532de28956880e0631c70917 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V15.flac
f0781b5ee3e12420af56290ef2b95e45 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V16.flac
422a7d7f753a92b4fac7830782075ee0 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V17.flac
f947feefd10292f543673c2178bdd427 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V18.flac
8d2e3b73b1119e08ea479e138a0e17cd *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V19.flac
7485b94e2de46aa2037199cc94ad03a4 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V20.flac
9432b47a0e52c66d850b768b51ea25d3 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V21.flac
bf0a0ef846ac246bb254dfb8411e4b5c *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V22.flac
b1c50cc9e202eecc90cab99d0bf26b3b *TBT2012-11-10_MK4V23.flac

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