David Bromberg Band 09/02/12
Ninigret State Park, Rythm and Roots Festival, Charlestown, RI
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Oktava MC-012 > Edirol UA-5 > Sony PCM-M10 [24/96] Mastered in WaveLab 6.0 with iZotope Ozone 5.0
David Bromberg Big Band
Rhythm & Roots Festival
Ninigret State Park
Charlestown, Rhode Island
September 2, 2012 - Sunday

Oktava MC-012 > Edirol UA-5 > Sony PCM-M10 [24/96]
Mastered in WaveLab 6.0 with iZotope Ozone 5.0
Recored by Bill Koucky

Big Band:

David Bromberg - Guitars
Mark Cosgrove - Mandolin, Guitar
Nate Grower - Fiddle
Butch Aminot - Bass
Curtis Fowlkes - Slide Trombone
John Firmin - Saxophones
Peter Ecklund - Trumpet
Josh Kanusky - Drums

Angel Band:
Nancy Josephson - Vocals
Ally Paige - Vocals
Kathleen Weber - Vocals

Festival Stage (Main Stage)  9:30 pm

  ** 16 Bit **

2.Sloppy Drunk
3.Where Were You Last Night
4.Creeper's Blues
5.As The Years Go Passing By
6.Band Intros
7.Don't Put That Thing On Me
8.Junco Partner
9.Send Me To The 'Lectric Chair (enter Angel Band)
10.If You Don't Want Me Tell Me So
12.Lost My Driving Wheel
13.I Will Not Be Your Fool
15.Diamond Lil

Time: 93:43

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