Donna Jean & The Tricksters 06/06/08
Sweetwater Station, Larkspur, CA
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(Unknown mics at the present time)> D8 @44.1>wav>Flac16
Donna Jean and the Tricksters
Sweetwater Station
Larkspur, CA

"Final show of the tour"

(Unknown mics at the present time)> D8 @44.1>wav>Flac16
Location: Back of the room next to SBD

Donna Jean Godchaux-vocals
Jeff Mattson-Lead guitar and vocals
Tom Circosta- guitar and vocals
Klyph Black- bass and vocals
Dave Diamond- drumz and vocals
Mookie Siegal- keys and vocals

Set 1
Coming Back To You
Till The Morning Comes
Chain of Fools
Loose Lucy
Shine Your Light
Stranger Things
Prisoner Says His Piece
Palm Sunday
Tore Up Over You

Set 2
I'll Take A Melody
Band Intros and Thank you's to crew
Back Off
Six Feet of Snow
Long Way Home
Shakedown Street>

Weight of the World

Show notes: Merl Saunders stopped by the venue before the show to say hello to Donna Jean and the rest of the band.  He didn't get out of his car but he was there for a good 20 minutes hanging out before the show.

DJZT 6-6-08 set 101.flac:ebe5b668c94fb15fafd109f78f4457c3
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DJZT 6-6-08 set 213.flac:04d877a33080251612ae2bc07d1a4486

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