W.O.M.B.A.T.S. 10/12/02
Homegrown Music Network Catalog Party, Meban, NC
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Entered by Dail Reed
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DAUD AKG C3000 (on stage) > Edirol UA5 @ 16/44 > WavLab4 > WAV > MKW > SHN Download This Shn from archive.org
The Home Grown Music Network Catalog Party
Meban, NC

DAUD AKG C3000 (on stage) > Edirol UA5 @ 16/44 > WavLab4 > WAV > MKW > SHN

1 set
Opened for Mad Dog Trio

Undercarrage > Voodo Chile (Slight Tease) > The New Guy > Momaski > Rock and roll an't noise pollution tease > Grayscale > Mamaski > YoMyMan > Guts > Glued to the set (With Grey Scott on Sax)

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4150a109c89a19897b80272bf4715f57 *wombats2002-10-12t01.shn
92db56666284674fec15ed3c0afb634d *wombats2002-10-12t02.shn
b3caafb6ef5c33ec0b9fbd0371f86f74 *wombats2002-10-12t03.shn
d3b4f664b3be8f638c2d3ae5cee884a9 *wombats2002-10-12t04.shn
03686652983a70bf6234fd4540a85153 *wombats2002-10-12t05.shn
c43159ffd199ac35bc8ef30d5e16781e *wombats2002-10-12t06.shn
cbad2486227798b6a4b6cecb1828746d *wombats2002-10-12t07.shn
9d1a9d9fe3601462d945f4ad4d4744ce *wombats2002-10-12t08.shn
d34fe7a15141c646125e302bac1c761e *wombats2002-10-12t09.shn
5d2f177a0a243ccd170c11f89caf70b0 *wombats2002-10-12t10.shn
d956e30f7a57e642ed33df5dfd7a34ee *wombats2002-10-12t11.shn
9b7c3db5c2402ab335d79f1415455c5f *wombats2002-10-12t02.wav
34c08ccd206f372be84fd9afe0ff16e8 *wombats2002-10-12t01.wav
6055175900555e065f31318eb2a7fa43 *wombats2002-10-12t11.wav
1f3293a56531138525512d8bce20573f *wombats2002-10-12t10.wav
86a4470b8ee2803acb69acb5adb4cfee *wombats2002-10-12t09.wav
a86eb608f72c10f8be18838040fea6ef *wombats2002-10-12t08.wav
dd435b866114606d50f2eb8a4ac0e266 *wombats2002-10-12t07.wav
337909f932d7884494371a1229f04314 *wombats2002-10-12t06.wav
db2e16cdf3d73270801e48be37f71a57 *wombats2002-10-12t05.wav
fed337a5aeaf698622bbe83da8e3fbce *wombats2002-10-12t04.wav
e3dcde5adf957481eebe05d532a642f2 *wombats2002-10-12t03.wav

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