David Bromberg Band 03/19/11
Keswick Theatre, Glenside, PA
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Sonic Studios > Edirol R-44 > Samplitude > CD > EAC v1.0 beta 1 (secure mode) > FLAC (level 8 / align SBE)
David Bromberg Big Band
Keswick Theatre
Glenside, PA
March 19, 2011

Source:  Sonic Studios > Edirol R-44 > Samplitude > CD > EAC v1.0 beta 1 (secure mode) > FLAC (level 8 / align SBE)

recorded/transferred by fredington
flac by nooch

1) I Feel Lucky
2) Same Boat
3) Deeds We Have Done
4) My Favorite Thing
5) King Of Nothing
6) Hope Is On The Way
7) chatter/introductions
8) Bless My Soul

1) Sloppy Drunk
2) As The Years Go Passing By
3) Weekday Woman Blues
4) Dark Hollow
5) Tongue (Shuffle in A)
6) Dyin' Crapshooter's Blues
7) Last Date
8) Summer Wages
9) Over The Rainbow
10) Guitar Medley (With Mark Cosgrove)
11) Delia
12) Drown in My Own Tears (w/Aly Paige, Kathleen Weber & Nancy Josephson)
13) Send Me To The 'Lectric Chair (w/Aly Paige, Kathleen Weber & Nancy Josephson)
14) The Holdup (w/Aly Paige, Kathleen Weber & Nancy Josephson)
15) Helpless Blues (w/Aly Paige, Kathleen Weber & Nancy Josephson)
16) Sweet Home Chicago (w/Aly Paige, Kathleen Weber & Nancy Josephson)
17) Diamond Lil (w/Aly Paige, Kathleen Weber & Nancy Josephson)

:: NOTES ::
This will fit onto 2 discs by copying Angel Band and 1st 6 tracks from David Bromberg Big Band on one disc, and the rest of the tracks on another.
Angel Band2011-03-19t01.flac:1754f14940f46da2ef580d0c4b1215c9
Angel Band2011-03-19t02.flac:c8b919264345d42c1a3f0fb3199c6bed
Angel Band2011-03-19t03.flac:53a8c4ef8bd67f1618cc8ba612a8c316
Angel Band2011-03-19t04.flac:3d8c774e3f880a9ae08e6c7bdde9fd8d
Angel Band2011-03-19t05.flac:97bc8701e97812c4b94be8fcd7924b54
Angel Band2011-03-19t06.flac:4739e2a983a65bb845536da4c0c03b27
Angel Band2011-03-19t07.flac:2f54a0d1ef4d81178fb5ec277ecfbb00
Angel Band2011-03-19t08.flac:194cf79d1ea29fe522a3c075ebaafd04
David Bromberg2011-03-19t01.flac:3f049d1b1efe8826b35a6988fe6c2351
David Bromberg2011-03-19t02.flac:18268b09e3a89fc70d41bbe052c73f6c
David Bromberg2011-03-19t03.flac:168a42b26aad00ba537109a47a870ec1
David Bromberg2011-03-19t04.flac:e3b81aea2e144b2adc432cda0dfd50c0
David Bromberg2011-03-19t05.flac:ddf6ddb9807a874b0b83cf07eb63f2b2
David Bromberg2011-03-19t06.flac:96abb4fd4a085fcc62f693c302892647
David Bromberg2011-03-19t07.flac:9570288882980077475612ecc5390ff8
David Bromberg2011-03-19t08.flac:3a17cbdcec4d4fb228daf768258c9b30
David Bromberg2011-03-19t09.flac:1cae66b01f9d3bfa98ee2fcbe4604012
David Bromberg2011-03-19t10.flac:b9574426a8a7fe91969774032a0daa14
David Bromberg2011-03-19t11.flac:1eec77a1e2e4f78c9c67dac43db0ea77
David Bromberg2011-03-19t12.flac:4e4bc1c99efadde8265a0ce2e18cf02f
David Bromberg2011-03-19t13.flac:8c769fc4e9c1a238bc05af1d990c46a7
David Bromberg2011-03-19t14.flac:cf07cbb7a0dfc39fab430621062eb229
David Bromberg2011-03-19t15.flac:540b4f56bb0a7af93f6d816edc13bcaa
David Bromberg2011-03-19t16.flac:42d00749d2eef4f5dfa9eef6926ebc50
David Bromberg2011-03-19t17.flac:9d458bbb1987be68be3a65dd4b99e7fe

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