Emmitt Nershi Band 09/25/09
Port City Music, Portland, ME
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SP C-4>Oade BCM Marantz 671>wav wav>soundforge 9 (fades)>tlh>flac
Emmitt Nershi Band
Port City Music
Portland ME

Sept 25 2009

record/transfer by wheresjerry

SP C-4>Oade BCM Marantz 671>wav
wav>soundforge 9 (fades)>tlh>flac

FOB 8' stand

opened for AOD

Gold Hill Line
Black Clouds
Surfing the Red Sea
New Country Blues
Long Journey Home
Up Where We Are

Cloud City
Road of Distruction
Take the Long Way Home
Restless Wind
band intros
I Come From The Country
Flight of the Durban
Wait Until Tomorrow
All Night Ride

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af676c6340c1b07a7cfcde8f86791fbc *emmitt-nershi 671 2009-09-25d2t08.flac

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