Topaz 04/26/01
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC
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Entered by Dail Reed
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DAUD AKG C3000>DAP1@44k>Zoltrix Nightingale SPDIF>CDWAV>SHN Download This Shn from
4-26-01 Cats Cradle, Chapel Hill NC
(Topaz Opened for Deep Banana Blackout)
DAUD AKG C3000>DAP1@44k>Zoltrix Nightingale SPDIF>CDWAV>SHN

Recorded Encoded Seeded by
Dail Reed (only Source)

cf9a9a1350bcf568f1f047d579dbd5cf *topaz010426T01.shn
46a050ee0fe69773a1b7703fa74aa1e1 *topaz010426T02.shn
1d2994c2d67c6cb73f426a248c14bb1a *topaz010426T03.shn
96369bc921255e01661319cfeedb8d73 *topaz010426T04.shn
bf2fb4b0057bdb2e7c34692845d8c195 *topaz010426T05.shn
ff08d8860d62c3720b5a3e57adc0366d *topaz010426T06.shn
b7e53a8586bd5af8d04fd5baff500bf8 *topaz010426T07.shn

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