Cabinet 11/14/14
Gypsy Sally's, Washington, DC
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Cabinet 2014-11-14 neumann/sbd matrix
With Trace Friends Mucho
Novenber 14, 2014
Gypsy Sally's
Washington DC

Taped by
Nate Evans, Jeff Prater, Alex Leary
Loc: Back of room center by sbd
Source Info:
Source 1: Neumann AK50(nos)-lc3-km100-xlr-sd788
Source 2: Neumann  AK40(xy)-lc3-km100-xlr-sd788
Source 3: Neumann USM69(hypers xy)-neumann stereo cable-xly-sd788
Source 4: DPA4023(din)-sd744-cf/sd adapter
Source 5: SBD-xlr out-xlr spitters-xlr-sd744- cf/sd adapter
Sound device decks were linked together via kwatts time clock cable
All files were recorded @24/48

Sources 1-3 were transferred 788-firewire-mac
Source 4-5 were transferred sd-mac
Editing was done using SF Pro for MAC
All sources were tracked and flac using Amadeus Pro
Checksums created with xACT for MAC

Matrix info:
Neumann matrix: is an even mix of all 3 neumann sources
Neumann/ SBD matrix is equal parts Neumann sources and the sbd source (sbd volume raised 6db prior to mixing with mikes)
10 channel Matrix is a equal mix of all 4 mike sources with the sbd (sbd raised 6db prior to mixing)
SBD source was raised 6db prior to editing because of the low level it was recorded at.

Cabinet 2014-11-14 01.flac:d1b195bb4504731bc52d532324e7e5e3
Cabinet 2014-11-14 02.flac:67f2910bc9c7ea4da02250bf361f897c
Cabinet 2014-11-14 03.flac:fce3fcf31d581da02a620cff76db87e4
Cabinet 2014-11-14 04.flac:869d569d464c99ec02f10b59f671b2b4
Cabinet 2014-11-14 05.flac:7c48f2288dcc8784114d21d5d0d4c21e
Cabinet 2014-11-14 06.flac:10bea6315a8502aafb08c3a7a3a2d976
Cabinet 2014-11-14 07.flac:235d7ef4626e0aa85fea346fbe552d59
Cabinet 2014-11-14 08.flac:d8a02084315cd1b99fe533d0ce562b35
Cabinet 2014-11-14 09.flac:4990002b1d9e026a5e888c4481976cc6
Cabinet 2014-11-14 10.flac:4fd4d2d008b795e9e4770efaab08d924
Cabinet 2014-11-14 11.flac:e1326e525ed94b333de0f32727eeafb9
Cabinet 2014-11-14 12.flac:41cd793135ddfb896fa605078ea5a8aa
Cabinet 2014-11-14 13.flac:409676c6bfc4cfe59ab4ab16216b521e
Cabinet 2014-11-14 14.flac:c3a90eff46c3087531b38b96ce557b93
Cabinet 2014-11-14 15.flac:ac9d8128fc25572348aa98750558cbe5
Cabinet 2014-11-14 16.flac:52f63c9d9cebbb2427412e188c296732
Cabinet 2014-11-14 17.flac:249a28b393b83d7f7b0d7c749a28b501
;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.34 on 2014-11-15 23:51:48 +0000

Trace Friends Mucho 2014-11-14 01.flac:8912b3f4760b790f90f5ce06ccbaeb44
Trace Friends Mucho 2014-11-14 02.flac:bf4243365e1a12c1dfbf2d90a3015615
Trace Friends Mucho 2014-11-14 03.flac:96d1836baa47cfbe39c0b905fcb6b5fc
Trace Friends Mucho 2014-11-14 04.flac:53afc1f27d25250a62444f4bd7bc9153
Trace Friends Mucho 2014-11-14 05.flac:51e7cae58e0fbdec8ca8d97581a2b84b
Trace Friends Mucho 2014-11-14 06.flac:a67d933acb8c736723e4f812012f7e49
Trace Friends Mucho 2014-11-14 07.flac:1fcf0f698b9a1f3777bb3bba856065ac
Trace Friends Mucho 2014-11-14 08.flac:79b678ac8b6f7b96ba49e8cb039642fd
Trace Friends Mucho 2014-11-14 09.flac:4483362a339f25aa6a2d839ff38f8965
Trace Friends Mucho 2014-11-14 10.flac:c8f55e1c498d82f11822a68c6ec965e1

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