Tom Constanten 01/30/17
Wavendon Stables, Milton Keynes, UK
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Zoom H2n > SD > Goldwave Tweaks > CDR A Disputandum Production
Live Dead 79
30 January 2017
Wavendon Stables, Milton Keynes, UK

Zoom H2n > SD > Goldwave Tweaks > CDR
A Disputandum Production

01. Cold Rain and Snow (TC Solo)
02. Dejawaltz (TC Solo)
03. Mountains of the Moon (TC Solo) >
04. Dark Star >
05. St Stephen >
06. The Eleven >
07. Lovelight

08. Death Don't Have No Mercy >
09. Feedback >
10. Not Fade Away (including China Cat Sunflower / Mountain Jam excerpts) >
11. Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad >
12. Johnny B. Goode
13. We Bid You Goodnight

14. Deal
15. Sugaree

Tom Constanten
Mark Karan
Slick Aguilar
Richard Newman
Tony Morley

If you wish to burn a cd set, split after track 7.

Usual Deal - please don't upload in a lossy format or try to make
any money from this recording


b2e3a0cf7b06df63f6154e68c4a96173 *Track 01.flac
64146840ba82dc0f8938e7d8e4e51ae8 *Track 02.flac
91e23e1f6d8af6a0580a67762bc4ca4f *Track 03.flac
bc0105cbeeda3329919e7fb54395ce20 *Track 04.flac
cfa5bef858401139df8e582679f45703 *Track 05.flac
ccc8f778efa6c25e58766fc0a265481c *Track 06.flac
b783d3100016deb0272d5aa2801f9b27 *Track 07.flac
05106dd223d73b3d289afd920c54a24d *Track 08.flac
32c0795b6f9ccc12eca0e34b227fe2ba *Track 09.flac
39cb68d26fb5bed78486fa54b8abadef *Track 10.flac
047dcd8ed8b5c98e5a7d0d6b27b006d7 *Track 11.flac
04aefab974c3fa048c7ec2bcdf8345ca *Track 12.flac
857e08a59247ddd195cb2ce3071b02b6 *Track 13.flac
a77e03b3788e41e26f522d11f83b958f *Track 14.flac
a9583215df4a0d4d99080ee7433950e2 *Track 15.flac

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