Garcia 02/23/80
The Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA
Source Summary
JGB; flac1644; early and late; Sony D6C(NAK mics)>Master cassette>JVC TD-R462>Audacity>TLH Flac8, Taper: Dave Peters

Jerry Garcia Band
Tower Theater
Philadelphia PA.
Feb. 23 1980

Jerry Garcia - Guitar/vox
John Kahn - Bass
Ozzie Ahlers - Keyboards
Johnny de Fonseca - Drums

Early show: 68:98

01.Catfish John 10:54
02.How Sweet It Is 9:27
03.Friend Of The Devil 10:04
04.Thats What Love Will Make You Do 10:13
05.Positively 4th Street 12:23
06.Thats Alright Mama 9:26
07.Deal 6:53

Late show: 70:60

01.Sugaree 18:03
02.Harder They Come 11:40
03.Russian Lullaby 14:45
04.Tore Up Over You 7:45
05.Midnight Moonlight 8:10
06.When I Paint My Masterpiece 9:39

Sony D6C(NAK mics)>Master cassette>JVC TD-R462>Audacity>TLH Flac8

Tape paused between some tracks.

Taper: Dave Peters

So the story goes: I answered an ad on Craigslist for 500 free Grateful Dead tapes.
On picking them up from the taper, I'm also informed he and a friend recorded other bands through the 70's.
These were never circulated, and deemed inferior in quality.
When I inquired about digitizing his masters, he laughingly obliged.
Most of the old Ampex and BASF tapes are in poor shape, several completely off the spool, and many squealing badly.
I will be attempting to bake some of them.
I will be presenting the ones of superior quality only, out of the initial batch he loaned me.
I do believe these shows will be lovingly embraced by the Dime community, and will be shared here exclusively.
Zombiwoof to Dime 2017 series

01. Catfish John.flac:0a8a25a25b44097b3d34c3ec0064abe6
02. How Sweet It Is.flac:6abc341fe901fb63b04bfbb2485d8663
03. Friend Of The Devil.flac:7992be10392e557bfae36596e6533ab2
04. Thats What Love Will Make You Do.flac:7f83191e6730fe45f6aa76f0a8062ea3
05. Positively 4th Street.flac:5673144e3c6ec96e71ab175e73a3b6e4
06. Thats Alright Mama.flac:795af74cf05659990dee66f6bc0fa6ec
07. Deal.flac:67bd589851b5dea567d6a6f16f3630ef
01. Sugaree.flac:5824d4001c6e1281f3ba43e834e99bdb
02. Harder They Come.flac:7b4fc9503e8bb6dbdf1a22b3efd76adc
03. Russian Lullaby.flac:404a034034a896e555af7e5bfd1fc999
04. Tore Up Over You.flac:7d587f06fac727a3a39ccc80f1cd5766
05. Midnight Moonlight.flac:fcda629b2e87e0a6a71c5e1bab2164db
06. When I Paint My Masterpiece.flac:dfb9b05910087b358d6ad88f9e8fefe1

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