Garcia 02/16/80
Gymnasium (University of New Haven), West Haven, CT
Source Summary
JGB; flac1644; unlineaged cassette > Sony TD-We405 > MacBook Pro > Adobe Audition > Flac > xACT, via Scott Medeiros.
Jerry Garcia Band
Charger Gymnasium (University of New Haven)
West Haven, CT

Case > Sony TD-We405 > MacBook Pro > Adobe Audition > Flac > xACT

Recorded By Unknown

Mastered By Scott Medeiros


01 How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
02 They Love Each Other
03 Let It Rock
04 Simple Twist Of Fate
05 That's All Right, Mama (Tape Flip) ^


06 It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
07 Tore Up Over You
08 Russian Lullaby
09 Harder They Come


10 When I Paint My Masterpiece

^ Splice 5:49:066  & 6:39:386

Jerry Garcia Band Is:

Jerry Garcia / Guitar / Vocals
John Kahn / Bass
Ozzie Ahlers / Keys
Johnny de Fonseca

Rachel Sweet was scheduled to open but did not end up performing on this night.

This tape came from a tape trade from Roger Height (Max-Creek) To John Rivers who may of recorded it. Check me out on Youtube and please Subscribe Please check out my recording page on Facebook and give it a like ! Here's a link to everything you may have missed

01 How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You).flac:b6c6ff00aa9b7b4418fb31c610fac6fa
02 They Love Each Other.flac:cecccf905aaacf0b66ec7f68ea657e4f
03 Let It Rock.flac:b809d8124d65e783d69df9bfce4b0031
04 Simple Twist Of Fate.flac:38bd130b4702a46b86512de5e7a1eccf
05 That's All Right, Mama.flac:ddfbc1e5b5f520ffb73431f14f7c10c1
06 It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry.flac:2c2974496507b8b7d945216515dd01f8
07 Tore Up Over You.flac:f30a395db47a07e5c3043a2b775912b9
08 Russian Lullaby.flac:aadc85b583b1512ca86dfa4286c22180
09 Harder they Come.flac:2fdb35d1e9552ed9b0352a1a78d5d94b
10 When I Paint My Masterpiece.flac:e57d309ff624ea36a33888f2553ae50d

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