Dark Star Orchestra 05/14/16
The Space, Westbury, NY
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Neumann Km184 Mics > Lunatec V2 > Korg Mr-1000 Korg Mr-1000 > Audio Gate > Adobe Audition CS6 > Ozone 5 > Traders Little Helper
DSO, The Space, Westbury, NY 2015-05-14
(Grateful Dead, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA 04/22/77)

Taper : Joe D'Amico  ''AKA'' Joebeacon

Editing : Joe D'Amico  ''AKA'' Joebeacon

Meumann Km184 Mics > Lunatec V2 > Korg Mr-1000

Korg Mr-1000 > Audio Gate > Adobe Audition CS6 > Ozone 5 > Traders Little Helper


Setlist :
1st Set :
01-Promised Land
02-Mississippi Half Step
03-Looks Like Rain
05-El Paso
06-Tennessee Jed
07-Estimated Prophet
09-Playin' In The Band
2nd Set :
10-Scarlet Begonias
11-Fire On The Mountain
12-Samson & Delilah
13-It Must Have Been The Roses
14-Dancin' In The Streets > I Got My Mojo Workin > Dancin' In The Streets
15-The Wheel
16-Terrapin Station
Encore :
17-White Rabbit
bf287a659920f056cd3341bf0c0b0149 *dso20160514.01.promised land.flac
288f8fc9414beae93d0f9b7aea4fa627 *dso20160514.02.mississippi half step.flac
725d15c406e96ef319df46c0312bfdfc *dso20160514.03.looks like rain.flac
3ff3bd78d61e76f4a49c11937364c35c *dso20160514.04.deal.flac
069748830b920e21264e55fee65cc540 *dso20160514.05.el paso.flac
aed1547b3b6b4ed036adb3b627bdfaf5 *dso20160514.06.tennessee jed.flac
4cec208c45dc696e1f2e13717ad8e27c *dso20160514.07.estimated prophet.flac
f64e9aea8213bf684ea6222b6da9c066 *dso20160514.08.peggy o.flac
c809739ccf16955979aaa1c3c28719e3 *dso20160514.09.playin' in the band.flac
fbc97f32ab0e571313ac3d7bd4254bdb *dso20160514.10.scarlet begonias.flac
3d823b70240adb6029a2dcbc31357c65 *dso20160514.11.fire on the mountain.flac
f21052b6df88deb879aed83feb232b0f *dso20160514.12.samson & delilah.flac
031af5b68b2b9dab0ce3cbb4804ab264 *dso20160514.13.it must have been the roses.flac
285b65253dbf1845a3bba564fa94f65c *dso20160514.14.dancin' in the streets.flac
b3bdd352977d04fe6265c52ba048dc8b *dso20160514.15.the wheel.flac
9b1ea14113bfc2f0e1acffeb10990ef2 *dso20160514.16.terrapin station.flac
7ff6d96d321094cb9d2001ce1ae9ea9e *dso20160514.17.white rabbit.flac
6b78c650451b8692946d83ca94a59467 *info.txt

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