Anders Osborne 08/09/16
Songs at Mirror Lake, Lake Placid, NY
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Internal mics Tascam DR-40 linear pcm recorder.
Anders Osborne Band
Mid's Park, Lake Placid, NY (Songs at Mirror Lake Series)

Internal mics Tascam DR-40 linear pcm recorder.

Recorded-Tracked & Edited, Setlist
By Brad Dietsch
A "Yeah You Right Recording"

01 Intro
02 Had My Reasons
03 Flowerbox
04 Different Drum
05 Dyin' Days>
06 Down By The River reprise
07 Fools Gold
08 Banter
09 The Gospel of St. John
10 Pontchartrain
11 Coming Down>
12 Black Muddy River
13 Wind>
14 Back On Dumaine>
15 Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad
16 Five Bullets

Band: Anders Osborne - guitar/vocals
Carl Dufrene - bass/vocals
Eric McFadden - guitar/mandolin/vocals
Eric Bolivar - drums/vocals

Notes: Opening song Had My Reasons has several sound issues as the PA is being adjusted to proper levels. The rest of the show sounds consistently decent despite occasional chatter and wind gusts.
28d07e89147027d4fd87e4b780b19fbe *AndersOsborne_LakePlacid2016-08-09setlist.txt
a45ae6a98890c6ec7cc4b56fb3964f34 *ao 01_intro.flac
ed915d988cfc19c9b6c5d8540049bff5 *ao 02_Had My Reasons.flac
f0e530fbcd3382d445c444f954396b28 *ao 03_Flowerbox.flac
452831e78e5d62b5236198d371c3c4f4 *ao 04_Different Drum.flac
ee31fabd72ef060354912cea0e3d3ee2 *ao 05_Dyin' Days.flac
f01829dd2bc3c061bd67845763fb452b *ao 06_DBTR.flac
18d538d5068f9a92aa1a93f9f85625b1 *ao 07_Fools Gold.flac
1791a2248e81e958dc8c407862a1bf0a *ao 08_banter.flac
3d2c2a3118e1921ff5f123cd4d450024 *ao 09_The Gospel of St. John.flac
60ed6fcdf6691d0d36a8d184e93ff202 *ao 10_Pontchartrain.flac
51d3068bdfbda80e5befda2a4faa98b3 *ao 11_Coming Down.flac
4de7fe05da57ae80ef0ae2012938701d *ao 12_Black Muddy River.flac
fd4e5b7ab0acc4eec79805de64a87889 *ao 13_Wind.flac
7d6af85de7126b087ec3092daf082ea9 *ao 14_Back On Dumaine.flac
775ba63cada033ed6cf3ecdf3f0088bc *ao 15_GDTRFB.flac
f03bf57283dc0841f4c6d60d5bc866d6 *ao 16_Five Bullets.flac

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