Grateful Dead 08/31/78
Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
Source Summary
flac24; Mark Severson's Master Audience Cassettes; Nakamichi 301 mics (row 20, seats 77-80)(patched out of Barry Glassberg) > Sony TC-158SD (Maxell UDXLII); Transfer Info: Master Cassettes (Nakamichi DR-1)> Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.6 MHz) > dBpoweramp 24/96 > Adobe Audition CC 2019 > TLH flac2496
Grateful Dead
Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Morrison, CO
Thursday  August 31st, 1978

Source Info:
Mark Severson's Master  Audience Cassettes; Nakamichi 301 mics (row 20, seats 77-80)(patched out of Barry Glassberg) > Sony TC-158SD (Maxell UDXLII)

Transfer Info:
Master Cassettes (Nakamichi DR-1)> Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.6 MHz) > dBpoweramp 24/96 > Adobe Audition CC 2019 > TLH flac2496

- Thanks to Mark Severson for the master cassettes
- Thanks to Charlie Miller for the transfer and coordinating this effort
- Thanks to T. Wiley for the shnid114809 audience source which supplies "Ship Of Fools", "Samson & Delilah", the first 4:29 of "Terrapin Station", a 0:40 patch in "Drums", as well as a 0:15 patch in "Ollin Arrageed"
- Pitch corrected

Mastered by Scott Clugston
February 2019

Set One:
s1t01 - Crowd
s1t02 - Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo >
s1t03 - El Paso
s1t04 - Peggy O
s1t05 - New Minglewood Blues
s1t06 - Candyman
s1t07 - From The Heart Of Me
s1t08 - Jack Straw

Set Two:
s2t01 - Crowd
s2t02 - Shakedown Street >
s2t03 - Good Lovin'
s2t04 - Ship Of Fools
s2t05 - Samson & Delilah
s2t06 - Terrapin Station >
s2t07 - Playin' In The Band >
s2t08 - Drums >
s2t09 - Ollin Arageed  >
s2t10 - Not Fade Away >
s2t11 - Black Peter >
s2t12 - Sugar Magnolia
s2t13 - Encore Break
s2t14 - Johnny B. Goode

    length     expanded size    cdr  WAVE problems  fmt   ratio  filename
     3:13.240     111306284 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6664  gd78-08-31 s1t01 Crowd.flac
    10:43.227     370498604 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6990  gd78-08-31 s1t02 Mississippi Half-Step.flac
     7:11.093     248309804 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6888  gd78-08-31 s1t03 El Paso.flac
    11:22.040     392855084 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6925  gd78-08-31 s1t04 Peggy O.flac
     7:02.760     243509804 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6790  gd78-08-31 s1t05 New Minglewood Blues.flac
     9:32.947     330017324 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6901  gd78-08-31 s1t06 Candyman.flac
     6:11.427     213941804 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6966  gd78-08-31 s1t07 From The Heart Of Me.flac
     6:47.587     234770330 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7021  gd78-08-31 s1t08 Jack Straw.flac
     1:07.453      38853164 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6590  gd78-08-31 s2t01 Crowd.flac
     6:36.280     228257324 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7087  gd78-08-31 s2t02 Shakedown Street.flac
     7:30.480     259476524 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6975  gd78-08-31 s2t03 Good Lovin'.flac
     8:16.333     285888044 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.5672  gd78-08-31 s2t04 Ship Of Fools.flac
     9:12.240     318090284 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.5871  gd78-08-31 s2t05 Samson & Delilah.flac
    10:52.080     375598124 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6397  gd78-08-31 s2t06 Terrapin Station.flac
    13:50.987     478648364 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6933  gd78-08-31 s2t07 Playin' In The Band.flac
    16:21.840     565539884 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6779  gd78-08-31 s2t08 Drums.flac
     3:36.707     124823084 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7165  gd78-08-31 s2t09 Ollin Arrageed.flac
    12:42.173     439011884 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7129  gd78-08-31 s2t10 Not Fade Away.flac
    10:31.560     363778604 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6778  gd78-08-31 s2t11 Black Peter.flac
     8:15.387     285342764 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7018  gd78-08-31 s2t12 Sugar Magnolia.flac
     1:21.627      47017004 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6708  gd78-08-31 s2t13 Encore Break.flac
     4:13.615     146082434 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6888  gd78-08-31 s2t14 Johnny B. Goode.flac
   176:33.083    6101616524 B                            0.6781  (22 files)

gd78-08-31 s1t01 Crowd.flac:ba537892f2a426b05ef91a75ce8e3510
gd78-08-31 s1t02 Mississippi Half-Step.flac:45eb27b676e8a125d37c549ca894fa3a
gd78-08-31 s1t03 El Paso.flac:698f8410060a4fad71a809b6a32dd94c
gd78-08-31 s1t04 Peggy O.flac:abc55c9cac79e78a9af5973e8871cb3e
gd78-08-31 s1t05 New Minglewood Blues.flac:4d982a671e5d367ed5e0915f32af3be8
gd78-08-31 s1t06 Candyman.flac:dc0be3c6050a9d2108ffe2c171dc93fc
gd78-08-31 s1t07 From The Heart Of Me.flac:bb36c8f7fa2b777e123c5e0bce1e64a8
gd78-08-31 s1t08 Jack Straw.flac:c6be617181176341f2b5134210ab2217
gd78-08-31 s2t01 Crowd.flac:7a33b16488813dabd3ecb6ced4f6fc7b
gd78-08-31 s2t02 Shakedown Street.flac:ef866567255c965548373a2f0e4e1e56
gd78-08-31 s2t03 Good Lovin'.flac:ba91300c3d8494beb3b85abfd2e3d358
gd78-08-31 s2t04 Ship Of Fools.flac:d7310fda7d7e2b36cad1e533c37d8589
gd78-08-31 s2t05 Samson & Delilah.flac:22e177ac53e6c7daa632df1f3b6eca5c
gd78-08-31 s2t06 Terrapin Station.flac:77c63d08a9a5ef257d1211529b2f0fff
gd78-08-31 s2t07 Playin' In The Band.flac:b4b6575ed92f07d29805b1236740c34e
gd78-08-31 s2t08 Drums.flac:29b703e5c495a072812a938d9855f289
gd78-08-31 s2t09 Ollin Arrageed.flac:ea8d55d90361d9254f4af4c1dd7db39f
gd78-08-31 s2t10 Not Fade Away.flac:c616709aca3a2ac92f03c3db87886942
gd78-08-31 s2t11 Black Peter.flac:a709d2f46eb928b3256120d0216ff05b
gd78-08-31 s2t12 Sugar Magnolia.flac:08daf10fe80436b8a17e8d5ddda0a5bb
gd78-08-31 s2t13 Encore Break.flac:cb33040474c838bb9902448c7114ff92
gd78-08-31 s2t14 Johnny B. Goode.flac:66af13b681f2088ce158c8383def02a3
2bd0f050382f1227d72c8fe3b5b0f099 *gd78-08-31 s1t01 Crowd.flac
f4ca14fdad42505e9804ced51a748b89 *gd78-08-31 s1t02 Mississippi Half-Step.flac
6fb3b74fc180dde435dd04403fdd7ee8 *gd78-08-31 s1t03 El Paso.flac
0ae984ad8fef1db5957049df009b39ee *gd78-08-31 s1t04 Peggy O.flac
0d1b802653d0652b1b66522531b5ba11 *gd78-08-31 s1t05 New Minglewood Blues.flac
30b50c0d3377d39725cede82e10b5af4 *gd78-08-31 s1t06 Candyman.flac
97f7e2e325cded3ba814bdb397b65f68 *gd78-08-31 s1t07 From The Heart Of Me.flac
c2fba01fe8340033c028fcc95b2213bb *gd78-08-31 s1t08 Jack Straw.flac
5c0e9f561a8a2c5d52075f58de5e1fab *gd78-08-31 s2t01 Crowd.flac
07456417bf8ee59a457713a0132e3cde *gd78-08-31 s2t02 Shakedown Street.flac
96a430dd683be92974e4b3e6367093d2 *gd78-08-31 s2t03 Good Lovin'.flac
99c64cf180cea8d6b7d203975c41a025 *gd78-08-31 s2t04 Ship Of Fools.flac
bbd92ef9de0f86c32b4b1cc4be8aa404 *gd78-08-31 s2t05 Samson & Delilah.flac
0ed05389018d4202a57606db67bb5186 *gd78-08-31 s2t06 Terrapin Station.flac
73b02c767dfc075d69131e222d335d2c *gd78-08-31 s2t07 Playin' In The Band.flac
b834ac544ad2d5d49cc1fc48dacd2e0d *gd78-08-31 s2t08 Drums.flac
5d213a45fd331e44a5f5e7201602f2a6 *gd78-08-31 s2t09 Ollin Arrageed.flac
181533ba334e78f2a403e91647b9863f *gd78-08-31 s2t10 Not Fade Away.flac
06b84dcd22bddaa995698f4c6a08568c *gd78-08-31 s2t11 Black Peter.flac
f3098490a7045279af5d86a5193d50cb *gd78-08-31 s2t12 Sugar Magnolia.flac
a580f1c55841187cd4a8180a5b7dbd3b *gd78-08-31 s2t13 Encore Break.flac
71f564b7d21629f680e4862acd40015c *gd78-08-31 s2t14 Johnny B. Goode.flac

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