Knudsen Tape Collection 10/04/70
Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
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flac 2448: One Maxell Hi CrO2 90 + one Maxell XLII-S 90 > Conditioned Nak-7a > Tascam DA-3000 @ 24bit/48000k. Transfer by Tom Markson. #0001
The Knudsen Tape Collection is a 5000 cassette collection that is going to
digital FLAC format one entire tape or tape side at a time.

All transfers and numbered releases are "raw" files. They are unedited,
unmastered and untracked @ one digital flac file per tape or tape side.

The cassettes were donated to by Jeff Knudsen in 2018.
This is a GEMS Lossless Legs production.

Thank you to for their entry for this date.

Band Grateful Dead
Venue Winterland Arena
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 10/4/70 - Sunday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [1:03:00] ; Truckin' [#0:42#] % [0:06] % Till The Morning Comes [3:10] % [1:16] % Brokedown Palace [5:44] % [0:10] % Next Time You See Me [3:10] ; [0:51] ; Cold Rain And Snow [5:27] ; [1:17] ; China Cat Sunflower [3:07] > Jam [2:30] > I Know You Rider [4:16] % Drums [0:51] > Good Lovin' [1:55] > Drums [6:02] > Good Lovin' [5:55] ; [0:16] % Sugar Magnolia [4:50] ; [0:24] ; Casey Jones [4:26] ; [0:19] ; Uncle John's Band [6:18]
Comments This show was broadcast by KQED-TV San Francisco with a quadraphonic simulcast by KQED-FM San Francisco and KSAN-FM San Francisco. Besides the Dead, NRPS, the Airplane, Hot Tuna and Quicksilver were also on the bill.

Janis died in LA on this night.

The FM tape of Truckin' breaks off as a DJ's talk cuts in and generally does not circulate with the rest of the tape. There is also about 2:30 of 'interview' between a KSAN DJ and Pigpen, who injured his fingers playing tambourine because the crew didn't manage to bring his organ along to the gig.

One of the earliest vinyl bootlegs of Grateful Dead was an LP from Mother Records, available on the West Coast by mid-71, containing China Cat > Rider, Casey Jones, Uncle John's Band, Sugar Magnolia & Good Lovin', all from the FM-broadcast.

Til The Morning Comes from this show is included as one of the bonus tracks in the Warner Bros. box set of the Dead's albums for that label.
Recordings 63 FM
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Contributors Jim Powell
Caretaker Jim Powell email update

********** The GEMS Knudsen Tape Project  **********

In 2018, Jeff Knudsen bestowed his tape collection to the AZ GEMS
team for distribution and archiving. We have cherry picked some shows
and released them but have only scratched the surface. The process
of producing a complete and accurate mastered file set is time consuming:
select the show, compare to existing sources, adjust the tape deck,
transfer to digital, speed correct, master, aquire the source ID and
torrent. We realized we would never release most of collection using this

As long as music is on tapes in a closet, it is useless. If it circulates
it is preserved for others and for the future. Rather than go through
the whole file set creation process, we transfer each tape or tape
side as a single digital file. A two tape concert consists either two big
audio files, 1 for each tape or 4 big audio files, one for each side of
the two cassettes.  We transfer professionally using the best gear and
a high quality Analog to Digital device. The Azimuth and Dolby settings
are correct. We release these files for everyone. We do not evaluate
the quality of the source, master it, or track it.

The Knudsen Tape Project is about sharing the tapes.

In each numbered release, along with the digital music files, we
include a photo of the tapes. The goal is to release as many of the
tapes as possible to the website

We think the fruits of this project will become more interesting as time
passes. We believe that access to raw, properly transferred audio will
be of value to both present and future listeners, researchers and others.
Audio mastering technology is moving at breakneck speed. We can only imagine
the future technology that will be available. Having access to unmastered sources
could be invaluable.


The collection was started with a box of tapes Jeff Knudsen recieved
from his friend Dick Latvala in the late 70's. Dick was just a regular
guy in Pahoa, Hawaii and had not yet begun officially working with the
Greatful Dead. Over time, Jeff's collection grew. At that time, tapes were
currency and Jeff had gold. His collection increased to about 5000 coveted
tapes, via mail trades and all night copy-athons. Jeff shared them freely
and widely. If you had a soundboard tape in your collection years ago there
is a good chance it came from Jeff Knudsen.


Every release in this project is from a band that allows it's fans
to trade music non-commercially. We neither add or take away from that
permission. We only ask that you credit the Knudsen Tape Project if you
use the material. We ask nothing else of you and you do not need
to ask permission to use them. Since we ask only for source credit, we would
rather not hear complaints. Take what you need and leave the rest.


The notion of documenting lineage is a modern one, or simply one Jeff
did not entertain. We do not have lineage information on most of these
tapes. Any information we have will be in the photo of the tapes.
Some of the tapes sound absolutely fantastic. Others may remind
you of a tape you had long ago.

Now the rest is up to the community, with whom we have absolute faith
in the ability to discern.


Contact if you need more information.

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135102cb81c0717720003ff4b90bd79a *knudsen.0001.gd1970-10-04.tape2sideB.flac

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