Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds 04/20/19
Volvo Car Stadium, Charleston, SC
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Taper: Mark T
Source: Church Audio FS's > CA-ST9100 > Edirol R-09 (24bit/48kHz)
Location: 216 Row J
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
April 20, 2019
Volvo Car Stadium
Charleston, South Carolina

Taper: Mark T
Source: Church Audio FS's > CA-ST9100 > Edirol R-09 (24bit/48kHz))
Location: 216 Row J

Last minute taping trip so no micstand or wind screens. Very, very loud crowd around me.
Quite a windy (and cold) show. I do apologize. This recording was done in good faith
for the DMB community, I know it's not great but I hope it gets the job done for this show.

01. Intro
02. So Damn Lucky
03. The Best of What's Around
04. Grace Is Gone
05. Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)
06. Bartender
07. Mercy
08. Grey Street
09. Come Tomorrow
10. Stay Or Leave
11. Crush
12. Tim Solo
13. Don't Drink the Water
14. Virginia in the Rain
15. Tripping Billies
16. Gravedigger
17. Warehouse
18. Tim Solo
19. Two Step
20. Do You Remember
21. You & Me
22. Dancing Nancies
23. Some Devil
24. Save Me
25. Ants Marching
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2c9e94faee8c80781ee5d2eaccc6e899 *d&t20190420t09.flac
9284bee0d2fb10f6495859acdd684dab *d&t20190420t10.flac
a2a8a6d98cce4781780bd5027224da16 *d&t20190420t11.flac
b93a029395104ae0d3325c3dbcf0cbdd *d&t20190420t12.flac
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cf3c342b178899414274e9b500a4a693 *d&t20190420t15.flac
c040899725fc83eafa5d8d4aa0cf05f4 *d&t20190420t16.flac
86435bfa8422e95c57a22117aa99534e *d&t20190420t17.flac
1d2b8462f6f03c6b6ae653354afed5fd *d&t20190420t18.flac
944546fb3c1e2fda944e2990f4ad15a0 *d&t20190420t19.flac
b27630e898fd4cbfd8aecf3b89698729 *d&t20190420t20.flac
75dc54e419aca058bbbf9ab30358141d *d&t20190420t21.flac
1fff9b47b887d3e8a8454333ea1f427f *d&t20190420t22.flac
8aeaed9d24817e19feadb29037ad0286 *d&t20190420t23.flac
1a02fa44b376f28dc165f92adff3dae3 *d&t20190420t24.flac
20cde01391095d4fb5d4c53caac01109 *d&t20190420t25.flac

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