Vida Blue 09/20/19
The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA
Source Summary
flac16/44.1khz Ch4. Schoeps mk21(ortf)-kcy-schopes vsm5u-xlrta3-sd788
Vida Blue
The Fillmore
Philly, PA
Taped by Nate Evans
Aka tapernate

Location: roc@sbd 12 foot up
But still chatty as hell and there is a loud whoo boy on one side sorry but I didn’t want to cut him out so if he hears this he will realize what a douche he is
Source info:
Ch1. Neumann ak50(ortf)-lc3-km100-xlr-sd788
Ch2. Neumann ak40(ortf)-lc3-km100-xlr-sd788
Ch3. Schoeps mk41v-xlr-sd788
Ch4. Schoeps mk21(ortf)-kcy-schopes vsm5u-xlrta3-sd788
Matrix. Combo mix of all 4 sources

All editing done on SF for Mac
Flac via Amadeus Pro
xAct for checksums

This is The 2nd Vida Show in 15 Years!

01. Analog delay
02. Real underground soul sound
03. Where did it go
04. Electraglide
05. Cj3
06. Phaidon
07. Checkin out
08. Where’s popeyes
09. Who’s laughing now
10. Weepa
11. If I told you
12. Final flight
13. Sheep
14. Most events aren’t planned
15. Encore break
16. Maybe
17. CARS

;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.47 on 2019-09-21 17:05:58 +0000

01 analog delay.flac:3d2e19d94ebac93b80f3a1e5189128f9
02 real underground soul sound.flac:2ca95e5355c520e1b51a89fe5f4c69da
03 where did it go.flac:cb4ac65f1e61d93939e99ea3b585421e
04 electraglide.flac:c215c6cedd2d80cfe31ae577ac99701a
05 cj3.flac:ee01325019743f4c385e380c43cd4373
06 phaiden.flac:25d6a6a845e107690b8b153ea4428291
07 checkin out.flac:c036b8e9e4707f24460a68ce84fcbd03
08 where's popeye's.flac:5f561cdfdb46b373e7efd631360b1680
09 who's laughing now.flac:565c5c69241dc26fc88ae83ebf06765c
10 weepa.flac:ac3a3be3af1feea56db2c4cd18770a0f
11 if I told you.flac:c416a0b31cc908b270417f334a947890
12 final flight.flac:5eec409dae37a0a4f4cae15c5f6625a5
13 sheep.flac:cdb972da2a6b5ecb1df07579fd71c416
14 most events aren't planned.flac:374589baa1b4a15aa8ddfa67fed53bbb
15 encore break.flac:cbe792c9d86083a80694bba59ef03113
16 maybe.flac:1c45e81781d0565d30158dbb237750d4
17 cars.flac:d7083c46225b5dfe8086540f3359590b

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