Grateful Dead 05/09/78
Onongada County War Memorial, Syracuse, NY
Source # 147971
Entered by Matt Vernon
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Media Size Compressed: 1.11 GB (1193828352 bytes)
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Source Summary
flac16/48kHz; Recording Info: Kathy Sublette's Master (FOB) Audience Cassette; Shure SM57 mics > Sony-TC158; Transfer Info: Master Cassette (Nakamichi DR-1)> Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.6 MHz)> dBpoweramp > Adobe Audition CC 2019 > TLH flac2496; 24-bit > 16-bit via dBpoweramp
Grateful Dead
Onondaga War Memorial
Syracuse, NY
Tuesday  May 9th, 1978

This is a 16/48 fileset. 24-bit > 16-bit via dBpoweramp

Recording Info:
Kathy Sublette's Master (FOB) Audience Cassette; Shure SM57 mics > Sony-TC158

Transfer Info:
Master Cassette (Nakamichi DR-1)> Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.6 MHz)> dBpoweramp > Adobe Audition CC 2019 > TLH flac2496

- Thanks to Kathy Sublette for the source cassette
- Thanks to Ted Mattes for finding the master cassettes
- Thanks to Charlie Miller for the transfer and coordinating this effort
- Thanks to Matt Vernon for the shnid12184 Sony 54p source which supplies the crowd and first few notes of "Franklin's Tower" (0:42 total), "Take A Step Back" and the first few notes of "Samson & Delilah" (2:02 total), a 0:15 patch in the "Drums > Space" transition, as well as some crowd and the first few notes of "Werewolves of London" (0:14 total)
- Beginning of "Franklin's Tower" is a little wonky and the levels fluctuate, present on both audience copies in general circulation
- Pitch corrected

Mastered by Scott Clugston
October 2019

Set One:
s1t01 - Franklin's Tower
s1t02 - New Minglewood Blues
s1t03 - Row Jimmy
s1t04 - Looks Like Rain
s1t05 - Friend Of The Devil
s1t06 - El Paso
s1t07 - Candyman
s1t08 - Passenger
s1t09 - Deal

Set Two:
s2t01 - "Take A Step Back ..."
s2t02 - Samson & Delilah
s2t03 - Ship of Fools
s2t04 - Dancing In The Street >
s2t05 - Drums >
s2t06 - Space >
s2t07 - Not Fade Away >
s2t08 - Black Peter >
s2t09 - Around & Around
s2t10 - Encore Break
s2t11 - Werewolves Of London

gd78-05-09 s1t01 Franklin's Tower.flac:8a1218781fba8d322b85ecde3c338476
gd78-05-09 s1t02 New Minglewood Blues.flac:917f9cca27343226da75d96d7739223d
gd78-05-09 s1t03 Row Jimmy.flac:4fd7ee7d4474683fa93f18b774d5aa34
gd78-05-09 s1t04 Looks Like Rain.flac:0e5d61dc2ecd8e7c05f1ed43ed8931f3
gd78-05-09 s1t05 Friend Of The Devil.flac:5235a8d37b76ca7681d22f4ca5fa4a67
gd78-05-09 s1t06 El Paso.flac:6f325ad3e952c51d0fc75cf229a57f88
gd78-05-09 s1t07 Candyman.flac:7e19a55ae3fd978bc2f16a4acf081658
gd78-05-09 s1t08 Passenger.flac:55dfe9c22b1b9203809961a618b5c2b3
gd78-05-09 s1t09 Deal.flac:1e4bcc5aa0313ebc33dd7821b336c885
gd78-05-09 s2t01 Take A Step Back.flac:2e47fb31c6ca3eb809bce7db27a43d47
gd78-05-09 s2t02 Samson & Delilah.flac:d56868a3543ffbf2857c2700b3c19c87
gd78-05-09 s2t03 Ship Of Fools.flac:610ee66ddf730fac221c491e7469ef05
gd78-05-09 s2t04 Dancing In The Street.flac:d9ecdc35b326f4b2cb38dcdb1b7cce7b
gd78-05-09 s2t05 Drums.flac:4303380450783c99f8d7a2239bc16fdb
gd78-05-09 s2t06 Space.flac:cbed9a2a37e90096ab74d7685d6a1d3c
gd78-05-09 s2t07 Not Fade Away.flac:fb3fa200acec835aeb5effcde958a636
gd78-05-09 s2t08 Black Peter.flac:8158954cdcaaf17d0fdc1112ef7c7f81
gd78-05-09 s2t09 Around & Around.flac:dc1df30ebe2e83db2d9c483621699185
gd78-05-09 s2t10 Encore Break.flac:e762a2c1fdc4072382fa57bed18acc87
gd78-05-09 s2t11 Werewolves Of London.flac:e8959f2e48bedeebe0380bf82ab05a5b
fecd3bc2638a0e1b4ec9e4eacbb2aecf *gd78-05-09 s1t01 Franklin's Tower.flac
c3b207b2103141536dba281654747eec *gd78-05-09 s1t02 New Minglewood Blues.flac
763b1d8696d3bee5e71cc976e6694326 *gd78-05-09 s1t03 Row Jimmy.flac
9b8877236ed8c5b87beed9dc6d56f74c *gd78-05-09 s1t04 Looks Like Rain.flac
cc43d73f775ed323deb9f5a61cafbebd *gd78-05-09 s1t05 Friend Of The Devil.flac
67dc37b4b141b30db00d705276158466 *gd78-05-09 s1t06 El Paso.flac
5202af8d5324a2afde9e22a25c4fea39 *gd78-05-09 s1t07 Candyman.flac
55866386700042835942c5798ecd08c5 *gd78-05-09 s1t08 Passenger.flac
8f47b251652471f51900de4ef2c8f544 *gd78-05-09 s1t09 Deal.flac
7bd959b55d7302d5c50a022027f1e5ba *gd78-05-09 s2t01 Take A Step Back.flac
5d3fa2bd4daa1ce19a006a4d1ead733b *gd78-05-09 s2t02 Samson & Delilah.flac
4bdf0c95e7f4a6476e989a9a24e74543 *gd78-05-09 s2t03 Ship Of Fools.flac
36fe969c81488dd2c5cb1246df02ce97 *gd78-05-09 s2t04 Dancing In The Street.flac
e63a3f2a8318657244cdbf1b62cc07e2 *gd78-05-09 s2t05 Drums.flac
3d770d69fcf4922b8811e173f68c5a99 *gd78-05-09 s2t06 Space.flac
ee941999b16fff11bac92f9fdd5db65c *gd78-05-09 s2t07 Not Fade Away.flac
ee0f54a4bed315975d79d8ebe98f0239 *gd78-05-09 s2t08 Black Peter.flac
a740b43a51fdfcb2441dd0b6042e6200 *gd78-05-09 s2t09 Around & Around.flac
c9d9d76361d6594a386f2645a5abda2b *gd78-05-09 s2t10 Encore Break.flac
69f1bf34bb814c9f98a7d77692f40543 *gd78-05-09 s2t11 Werewolves Of London.flac

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