Garcia 12/09/77
Gym, S.U.N.Y., Stony Brook, NY
Source Summary
JGB; flac1644; s2; Master cassette > DAT; Transferred and seeded by Michael Buzzeo
Jerry Garcia band
SUNY Stonybrook
Stonybrook, NY
December 9, 1977

Source: Master cassette > DAT
Transferred and seeded by Michael Buzzeo

Set 2

01 Midnight Moonlight
02 Gomorrah
03 Tore Up Over You
04 Simple Twist Of Fate
05 Reuben And Cherise
06 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
07 Lonesome And A Long Way From Home

I found this gem in a box of DAT tapes that I was
going through. Sound quality is excellent for 1977.
It is not my recording. Mic info was not listed.
This is the best Lonesome and a long way from home
I've ever heard! The band was on fire.

The band:
Jerry Garcia-guitar, vocals John Kahn-bass
Keith Godchaux-keyboards Buzz Buchanan-drums
Donna Jean Godchaux-backing vocals
Maria Muldaur-backing vocals

JG1977-12-09 II01.flac:acaa17c67590622fbe66408641764717
JG1977-12-09 II02.flac:b71d73c0505016329985680d2dd46496
JG1977-12-09 II03.flac:de99b30489ee73cef1d2f7ba7bb730d6
JG1977-12-09 II04.flac:5f6d4c1442848cb165d7daa7afce3e9b
JG1977-12-09 II05.flac:0dd890a2a1bb7e7d5056205eaa8cb32c
JG1977-12-09 II06.flac:ea14a0d794185069885e1be670dacf9b
JG1977-12-09 II07.flac:f012f4802ff7985b110ff5ca41b27207
77624a24ba7b103c69a8ceb4af210471 *JG1977-12-09 II01.flac
ef050a5821415f09a1a343937a97d412 *JG1977-12-09 II02.flac
953c5e74ea4f605055ec0ad59216405d *JG1977-12-09 II03.flac
fd8613475aa1d5854dbc9c4dbf9f16bf *JG1977-12-09 II04.flac
38ed34ce740550158d6000f475980f33 *JG1977-12-09 II05.flac
a59d47c6b925fb841a6f86b040de9549 *JG1977-12-09 II06.flac
2e2d42de1a2f491c3e045271c2c36905 *JG1977-12-09 II07.flac

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