Charlie Hunter Quartet 07/01/96
The Bayou, Washington, DC
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Source: Neuman KMR82i > DAT(s) via Tom Reizes
Transfer: DAT > Fostex D-15 > Tascam DA-3000 > WAV 1648
Master: Wavelab 10 (tracking, levels +5.4 dB, patching) > FLAC 1648
Charlie Hunter Quartet
The Bayou
Washington, DC

Source:   Neuman KMR82i > DAT(s) via Tom Reizes
Transfer: DAT > Fostex D-15 > Tascam DA-3000 > WAV 1648
Master:   Wavelab 10 (tracking, levels +5.4 dB, patching) > FLAC 1648

End of Sack and Shango Pt III supplied by SHNID # 118137

01. Lively Up Yourself
02. No Women, No Cry
03. So Jah Seh
04. Ashby Man
05. Mean Streak
06. band intros
07. The Gobbler
08. Nostalgia In Times Square
09. Sack
10. Shango Pt. III

Charlie Hunter (8-string guitar)
Calder Spanier (alto sax)
Kenny Brooks (tenor sax)
Scott Amendola (drums)

A nice, clear audience recording.  Unfortunately, this was filler on another tape, and cut just before the end of Sack.  The circulating audience, SHNID #118137, supplies the rest of Sack and also the last track.  118137 may be from the same KMR82i recording, as the sound is almost identical, but there is some tape noise that the DAT lacks.  The tape flip in The Gobbler disappears on the DAT as well.  Until the complete DAT surfaces, though, this is an improvement.


--mhg :: 2021-04-19
chq1996-07-01t01_Lively Up Yourself.flac:4ab66d80040956dc536caa8540d480ff
chq1996-07-01t02_No Woman No Cry.flac:6ecabe9001ca520e5ded6d9cd020a6db
chq1996-07-01t03_So Jah Jah.flac:b2a2eee09a0fcd3996f992e64ce0f6a1
chq1996-07-01t04_Ashby Man.flac:c8b704300b5d5a7a920150bbecd864f2
chq1996-07-01t05_Mean Streak.flac:2ba91e42c1c2c91cbf399d875bcc6227
chq1996-07-01t06_band intros.flac:611b38e42ed4633a608c833cd47c61d7
chq1996-07-01t07_The Gobbler.flac:f518d8cb3cb0f75f6a0360e050f3384f
chq1996-07-01t08_Nostalia In Times Square.flac:60f83275c5b2a9f65c4a0f9b6a797a42
chq1996-07-01t10_Shango Pt. III.flac:a561e7bf959105da3bf0fcd53f1b18f0

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