John Hartford 11/18/00
Savings Bank Music Hall, Troy, NY
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FOB SchoepsCMC641>SonosaxSX-M2>DAT>CD
Aereo-Plain Band Reunion

SAT 11/18/00
Troy Savings Bank Music Hall - Troy, NY

FOB SchoepsCMC641>SonosaxSX-M2>DAT>CD

Recording by:
  Tony Amenta
CD Mastering by:

Disc 1

01 - Fisher's Hornpipe
02 - Steam-Powered Aereoplane
03 - Talkin' & Tunin'
04 - Love Grown Cold
05 - Good Old Boys
06 - Beefsteak & Whiskey (Norman Blake)
07 - Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie
08 - Steamboat Whistle Blues
09 - Ashville Junction (Chris Sharp)
10 - They're Gonna Tear Down The Grand Old Opry

Disc 2

01 - Symphony Hall Rag
02 - Goin' Down Slow (Mike Compton)
03 - Bad Music Is Better Than No Music At All (Tut Taylor)
04 - Rain (Bob Carlin)
05 - Lonesome Fiddle Blues (Vassar Clements)
06 - Keep On The Sunny Side (Larry Perkins)
07 - Talkin' & Tunin'
08 - Boogie
09 - Banjo Tune
10 - Turn On Your Radio
11 - Gentle On My Mind

John Hartford, Tut Taylor, Norman Blake, Vassar Clements
  and Sam Bush

Backed by the Hartford String Band - Bob Carlin, Chris Sharp,
  Mike Compton and Larry Perkins

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Date User Comment
02/14/2005 David Keller "Beefsteak and Whiskey" is actually called "Sweet Heaven When I Die" (see The Original Folkways Recordings Of Doc Watson And Clarence Ashley 1960-1962)
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