Robert Hunter With Comfort 03/20/88
The Kennel Club, San Francisco, CA
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FLAC 24/96 Source: S:C(x) via Carolyn Welch
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Robert Hunter & Comfort
The Kennel Club
San Francisco, CA

Source:   S:C(x) via Carolyn Welch
Transfer: MC (XL-II90) > Nak Dragon > Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.6 MHz) > Tascam HRE > PCM @ 2496
Master:   Wavelab 10 (tracking, levels, pitch correction, DDI Codec - Dolby B) > FLAC 2496

Thanks to Joe B. Jones for pitch correction, and Doug Aldridge for access to his Hunter setlist website, which was the starting point for tracking down this performance.

01. Wild Bill
02. It Must Have Been The Roses
03. Rose of Sharon
04. Promontory Rider

This is really a portion of a performance by Comfort, with Hunter sitting it.  The tape came from Caroline Welch (a/k/a Carlisle) who passed away in July 2008 and is still missed.  The tape was labeled March 20, 1988 but had no venue or other information.  Doug's website had a reference to an article in Relix, reproduced below, that identifies the concert and venue.

Caroline's tape contained both Merl Saunders' set and these four tracks.  It is at least a C(1) because it was clearly copied from a tape containing more of Comfort's performance.  It sounds like Bill Graham's voice at the end, saying stay tuned for Merl.  That's about all we know.

None of these two performances are known to circulate until now.  Here is a report from Relix Vol. 15 No. 3 (May/June 1988):


A benefit was recently held at The Kennel Club in San Francisco for two long defunct Haight Street coffee houses, The Shady Grove and The United States Cafe. These two clubs featured the sounds of many of the Bay Area's greatest groups in the early 70's. Groups like Moby Grape, The Saunders/Garcia Band and Comfort performed regularly at The Shady Grove. So it was fitting that a couple of the old bands get together for this special occasion.

An all day party was held featuring slide shows and films that brought back old memories for the invited throng. Folks like Will Dodger, Curtis and Flash held court and reminisced with old friends and others who were obviously too young to have experienced the flourishing Haight Ashbury scene in the late sixties and early seventies.

By the time Comfort hit the stage, everyone was in a partying mode. Vocalist Marleen Molle was simply ravishing as she joined her old band mates Kevin Morgen stern on guitar, Larry Klein on bass, Pat Lorenzano on drums and Sunshine McGee on piano. The evening's performance was dedicated to Marleen's husband, the late Rodney Albin. Opening with "River Deep Mountain High," Comfort performed a dynamic set that featured many songs from the old repertoire. Midway into their set, they were joined by the reclusive Grateful Dead lyricist, Robert Hunter, who used to perform with Comfort in the seventies. Hunter was dressed entirely in black, complete with a hat that made him look like a gangster. He played a black solid body Yamaha electric guitar that was adorned with a Liberty sticker. Opening with "Wild Bill," it was apparent from the onset that this would be a special show. The interplay between Larry Klein and Kevin Morgenstern in particular was most impressive. Robert Hunter also performed "It Must Have Been The Roses," "Rose of Sharon," and a pull out all the stops "Promentory Rider." It was a powerful performance and I hope that Robert Hunter gets together again with his old band Comfort. Comfort's style totally compliments Robert Hunter's words and music. You could say it is a match made in heaven.

The historic collaboration was followed by Merl Saunders and an all star band made up of Brent Mydland on organ, John Kahn on bass, Barry "The Fish" Melton on guitar, Armando Peraza on congas and Kevin Hayes on drums. Before Merl's performance, he was given an award by Wavy Gravy for his work in the Haight Ashbury community. Wavy also reminisced that his idea for "Nobody For President" came to him as he sipped coffee at The United States Cafe in 1972. -Merl and "Friends" performed a powerful set that included "Built For Comfort," a bluesy "Not Fade Away" sung passionately by Brent, "Level With Me," "That Pleases Me," "Women Are Smarter" and "Boogie On Reggae Woman."

These veterans of the San Francisco music scene know how to rock as anyone who was at this show can surely attest.


--mhg :: 2021-11-28

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