Bela Fleck 01/08/22
Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN
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Mandolin Stream > Focusrite Scarlet 6i6 > Zoom H6 [24/44.1]
Mastered with iZotope Ozone 5.0 in WaveLab 6.01
Béla Fleck – My Bluegrass Heart
Ryman Auditorium
Nashville, Tennessee
January 8, 2022 – Saturday

Mandolin Stream > Focusrite Scarlet 6i6 > Zoom H6 [24/44.1]
Mastered with iZotope Ozone 5.0 in WaveLab 6.01

Béla Fleck – Banjo
Sam Bush - Mandolin, Fiddle, Vocals
Bryan Sutton – Guitar
Jerry Douglas – Dobro
Stuart Duncan – Fiddle
Edgar Meyer – Bass
Michael Cleveland – Fiddle
Billy Strings – Guitar, Vocals
Molly Tuttle – Guitar, Vocals
Sierra Hull – Mandolin, Vocals
Justin Moses – Banjo, Dobro, Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals
Mark Schatz – Bass
Tony Trischka – Banjo

1st Set:
1. Blue Mountain Hop
2. Vertigo
3. This Old Road
4. Slippery Eel
5. Hug Point
6. Round Rock
7. The Old North Woods
8. Us Chickens
9. Tentacle Dragon (Revenge of the)
2nd Set:
10. Psalm 136
11. Strider
12. Our Little Secret
13. Charm School
14. Wheels Up
15. Hunter's Moon
16. Baptist Pumpkin Farm
17. Boulderdash
18. When The Storm Is Over
19. Dark As The Day, Blue As The Night
20. Tennessee (I Hear You Calling)
21. I'm On My Way Back To The Old Home >
22. The Ballad Of Jed Clampett >
23. Whitewater
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0801.flac:ee01888bbfa8863a9d40907a4482bcbd
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0802.flac:cf4337a7c2cc8c579a4bddf5ed062d3f
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0803.flac:249eaa0df9757d2690bf7a953e3271dd
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0804.flac:2286c417b1fa5d6f42fad71b8eb0705e
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0805.flac:4abf0bfc525ea2de7b21499fa0624de8
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0806.flac:44f05788e93b6c733996c551840e58c9
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0807.flac:47ad50826e2800a8e30b836fff7acf8a
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0808.flac:7ebe208037781f8da7a56beac84dde78
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0809.flac:eb5c1e8c4dec25f75aaafea7a6d8aa05
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0810.flac:bbccd026cfce95fdb417e4820cb73ea8
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0811.flac:03e53a7565477b6313b16d11857172fb
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0812.flac:5d0323361236fd6f3f07bcf5fdb50315
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0813.flac:1f1ccb2f17cd65afde008809f7e56bff
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0814.flac:82d9836148126bcc8131228e00a002ba
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0815.flac:b993bcc5db188d8170f4b36b1a974840
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0816.flac:7c4840f04208baaa307333294485a011
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0817.flac:2ae2f7b5ba6dd4242790d9cfc4ef4492
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0818.flac:9d45707ab4df7783f8132e501609ff20
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0819.flac:571a185230fbfe8ba4c620a08de6c501
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0820.flac:fe3d204a74946180bf7570fccd4e94ac
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0821.flac:de7c03052e4788d00745791d4256cd64
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0822.flac:32e4c8a88abe2e1ad6f417a885a61a0b
bela fleck-my bluegrass heart2022-01-0823.flac:5561d505d69f0918fc5c7359fb94d411

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