Steve Kimock & Friends 06/18/22
Park City Music Hall, Bridgeport, CT
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Source: DPA4011> Lunatec V2> SD722
Location: Just in front of the SBD
Recorded by John Steinthal

Steve Kimock & Friends
June 18, 2022 -
Park City Music Hall,
Bridgeport, CT

  Set 1-
01. Big Railroad Blues
02. Cowboy
03. Ice Cream
04. The Seventh Son
05. You're the One
06. Many Rivers To Cross

  Set 2-
01. Five B4 Funk
02. Who's Been Talking?
03. It's Up To You
04. Gotta Serve Somebody
05. Johnny Too Bad
06. One For Brother Mike

Encore: #
07. New Speedway Boogie

#=(they didn't leave stage for the 'Encore')

Steve Kimock - guitars, lap steel
Billy Goodman - slide guitar, vox
John Morgan Kimock - drums, percussion
Andy Hess - bass
Jeff Kazee - keys, Hammond B3, vox

Source: DPA4011> Lunatec V2> SD722
Location: Just in front of the SBD
Recorded by John Steinthal
Edited and seeded by Michael Buzzeo
Steve Kimock 2022-06-18.skf.dpa4011.steinthal.buzzeo_d1t01.flac:0a6aa1a3eb286599f20b066ca551e24e
Steve Kimock 2022-06-18.skf.dpa4011.steinthal.buzzeo_d1t02.flac:28d72039ef960cc66d48973a61dcce57
Steve Kimock 2022-06-18.skf.dpa4011.steinthal.buzzeo_d1t03.flac:b4fc331a7c016e7454fb2f321f840bd9
Steve Kimock 2022-06-18.skf.dpa4011.steinthal.buzzeo_d1t04.flac:3d2244362e2f72d2f65398a0e8175631
Steve Kimock 2022-06-18.skf.dpa4011.steinthal.buzzeo_d1t05.flac:0f2826860b7609ba6d1eeb4a625ff7aa
Steve Kimock 2022-06-18.skf.dpa4011.steinthal.buzzeo_d1t06.flac:b74e9567ecc0c9b72b9daa7fd0c74a17
Steve Kimock 2022-06-18.skf.dpa4011.steinthal.buzzeo_d2t01.flac:63be538adb4b00c1a4e7862cb877cdb3
Steve Kimock 2022-06-18.skf.dpa4011.steinthal.buzzeo_d2t02.flac:a83cb8aa224b25db73b6254a5c63dac1
Steve Kimock 2022-06-18.skf.dpa4011.steinthal.buzzeo_d2t03.flac:d614c6e99dc83d54b7d0c5a6419966a0
Steve Kimock 2022-06-18.skf.dpa4011.steinthal.buzzeo_d2t04.flac:90ba69ffea9955531067781d1225fe33
Steve Kimock 2022-06-18.skf.dpa4011.steinthal.buzzeo_d2t05.flac:aff3defcfcb1fb6b946a49472fe4b2e9
Steve Kimock 2022-06-18.skf.dpa4011.steinthal.buzzeo_d2t06.flac:527c9b1665054d650e319789166b0855
Steve Kimock 2022-06-18.skf.dpa4011.steinthal.buzzeo_d2t07.flac:87b515817ff48e2a48b4c4251cf5539b

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