Robert Hunter & The Mystery Band 09/07/86
Ranch Rock 86, Pyramid Lake, NV
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flac16: Sets of Nakamichi 700 mics one stock set and one modified set - TCD-5M > Maxell MX-90 Master > Nakamichi DR-3 > Logic Pro 24/96 > CD Wav > Xact > Flac
Robert Hunter and his Mystery Band

Ranch Rock 86 Festival
Pyramid Lake, Nixon, Nevada
Sunday, September 7, 1986

This is a 24/96 fileset

Note: There were wind gusts all day. Be aware that there are sections with some wind in varying degrees during all sets.

In order of appearance

Problem Child
Robert Hunter and the Mystery band
Mickey and the Daylites

Recording by Jay Abrams
Source: 2 Sets of Nakamichi 700 mics one stock set and one modified set - TCD-5M
Location: Taped dead center right in front of soundboard
Transfer: Maxell MX-90 Master > Nakamichi DR-3 > Logic Pro 24/96 > CD Wav > Xact > Flac

Transferred by Jay Abrams 9-3-2022

01. Wavy Gravy intro > One Thing To Try 7:05
02. Rock Columbia 5:27
03. Molly Dee 6:18
04. Tiger Rose 3:33
05. Aim At The Heart 5:58
06. Chingo! 7:10
07. Fire On The Mountain 10:36
08. Promontory Rider 6:49

John Cipollina guitar
Robert Hunter  guitar
David Jenkins guitar
Mickey Hart drums
Bobby Vega bass
David Freiberg  keyboards
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f799a92e87e120be37e4b652f9d96c24 *roberthunter-mysteryband1986-09-07.quad-nak700s.jra-sm03.flac
9b02058f9146aeebea5c680f71ea6c1f *roberthunter-mysteryband1986-09-07.quad-nak700s.jra-sm04.flac
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a7b7561867cd9ef26c11306762e49d9a *roberthunter-mysteryband1986-09-07.quad-nak700s.jra-sm06.flac
fe242638622bf2b5cc4bf4ec4a35b666 *roberthunter-mysteryband1986-09-07.quad-nak700s.jra-sm07.flac
13c8308b0cff6bf478e541682fd79198 *roberthunter-mysteryband1986-09-07.quad-nak700s.jra-sm08.flac

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