W.O.M.B.A.T.S. 04/26/03
Beaufort Music Festival, Beaufort, NC
Source # 19724
Entered by Dail Reed
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Source: DAUD AKGC3000 (On Stage) > DAP1@48k Transfer: Sony PCM-R300 > Edirol UA-5 > WavLab > Normalize Re-sample > SHN Download This Shn from archive.org
Beaufort Music Festival, 99x Stage

DAUD AKGC3000 (On Stage) > DAP1@48k
Sony PCM-R300 > Edirol UA-5 > WavLab > Normalize Re-sample > SHN

Recorded, Etc: Dail Reed

1 Set 40:49

Burlap Sack >
Untitled Jam
Outer Bongolia# >
Electric Blanket > space
Momaski >
Fringe Element (Golfball size hail$) >
Glued to the Set >
The New Guy

# Stereolab
$ making fun of the predicted weather that day

sc01 = soundcheck pre-rain drums/bass
sc02 = soundcheck posr rain keys/drums
eb9917667d9d5576b8732bb5c32dcbeb *wombats2003-04-26sc01.shn
dede2362060071ffc4f92c635286070c *wombats2003-04-26sc02.shn
7112a3de711ba1631d0fff89a34b6499 *wombats2003-04-26t01.shn
11779787e18aa3c92b7c92b6c9f46a2c *wombats2003-04-26t02.shn
c93671604e82d0f9b8df12ccf4b8be77 *wombats2003-04-26t03.shn
a5084b37fd68290f60772b3940875b25 *wombats2003-04-26t04.shn
a7bb8282a2c291e4db798846bb05a732 *wombats2003-04-26t05.shn
a6cd2b671678aca4869a219bcb88cba8 *wombats2003-04-26t06.shn
b37cf85563b7fa065d34556133eadd36 *wombats2003-04-26t07.shn
863e5828f472f433872501afeb874ea6 *wombats2003-04-26t08.shn

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