John Popper & Chan Kinchla 07/02/03
Twist And Shout, Denver, CO
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Master: AKG 461's (XY)>Graham Patten DMIC-20>D8>Echo Gina 24>Peak VST 2.8>CD
by Kyle Holbrook []
Conversion: Master CD>Aqua CD Burn 0.3>AIFF>Sound Studio 2.1.1b3>xACT
by Dave Mallick []
John Popper & Chan Kinchla
John Popper & Chan Kinchla
July 2nd, 2003
Twist And Shout, Denver, CO

Master creation:
AKG 461's (XY)>Graham Patten DMIC-20>D8
by Kyle Holbrook []

D8>Echo Gina 24>Peak VST 2.8>CD

SHNs were made:
Master CD>Aqua CD Burn 0.3 (cdparanoia)>AIFF;
AIFF>xACT (join)>Sound Studio 2.1.1b3 (retrack)>xACT (shntool)
by Dave Mallick []

CD 1 [29:07.27] (minutes:seconds.frames)
01. Sweet & Broken          [04:26.63]
02. Carolina Blues          [06:24.72]
03. The Mountains Win Again [08:34.60]
04. Let Her & Let Go        [05:07.59]
05. But Anyway              [04:32.73]

- All tracks extracted at 100% with no errors in cdparanoia.
- Acoustic in-store performance; phone can be heard ringing
  in the background on occasion.
- Level adjustment at 4:22 of d1t01.
dc9ce0901d1718f31a24739d1f89c7e6 *jpck2003-07-02.twist.d1t03.shn
e544301e1c0bbc4baae9c66b280cd803 *jpck2003-07-02.twist.d1t02.shn
6e0fbc6dcc821d9aa9f4b89552c5af6a *jpck2003-07-02.twist.d1t05.shn
3cc690f877703d5dc672515eda87f09c *jpck2003-07-02.twist.d1t04.shn
42990a7a65a6a0ef94412b410a9f9e61 *jpck2003-07-02.twist.d1t01.shn

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