Michael Franti & Spearhead 03/25/04
Santa Cruz Civic, Santa Cruz, CA
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AKGc480b(ck61)->wmod UA-5->D7->Sounblaster Audigy->CoolEditPro->WAV->Shn
Michael Franti & Spearhead
Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium
Santa Cruz, California
March 25, 2004

Source: AKGc480b(ck61)->wmod UA-5->D7
Lineage: D7->Sounblaster Audigy->CoolEditPro->WAV->Shn
Taped by: Alec VanderWoude
Transfered by: Alec VanderWoude

File Size: 646 MB (SHN or FLAC)


1  Rock the Nation
2  What I Be
3  Pray For Grace
4  Stay Human
5  Anybody Seen My Mind
6  Yes I Will
7  People in the Middle
8  Sometimes
9  teen spirit -> Sling Ting
10 Taxi Radio
11 Lifesaver
12 Everyone Deserves Music
13 Bomb the World
14 We Don't Stop
15 Never Too Late

Ziggy Marley opened -- would love to see his show seeded....

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b9931b09caf864cd378fe0ba6535b4e9 *spearhead20040325-d01t01.shn
7cd9147964c6f37fbc54279172291d83 *spearhead20040325-d01t02.shn
0214b3d628ac6b8b02680f6d121d3889 *spearhead20040325-d01t03.shn
647a694367f1984636077c268857a506 *spearhead20040325-d01t04.shn
9e90679f6a0b1861869e781b8750841d *spearhead20040325-d01t05.shn
029c897271a6b0409651d360cfcac267 *spearhead20040325-d01t06.shn
df33597ba19968d41cd321f49699cc66 *spearhead20040325-d01t07.shn
f1c66c2ec615a63bcba4882c427d4b07 *spearhead20040325-d02t01.shn
36fa66f1c4a6152ac8feafc1e3006437 *spearhead20040325-d02t02.shn
a6270ffbbe4f107c5a43ae0c1f1de90f *spearhead20040325-d02t03.shn
6c57f30144b620f4bd125369ebd340d4 *spearhead20040325-d02t04.shn
5c2d52fc94b14b4a4aa6f14d0d5318e0 *spearhead20040325-d02t05.shn
7d584798bd9d98fb9e90696c1f8e619c *spearhead20040325-d02t06.shn
241877738f309db8d39c83ee6d955a53 *spearhead20040325-d02t07.shn
b11348125fb16b98dafea7c7a50dd68b *spearhead20040325-d02t08.shn


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