Garcia 02/12/80
Lisner Auditorium (George Washington University), Washington, DC
Source Summary
Jerry Garcia Band, apparent mislabel, see comments below. Early show. Source: MSC > C > CDR > WAV > SHN except for encore from previously circulated FOB Shure recording.
Jerry Garcia Band
Lisner Auditorium - George Washington University
Washington, DC

Source:  MSC > C > CDR > WAV > SHN except for encore from previously circulated FOB Shure recording.

Note added 6/29/2004: this appears to be a mislabel of 3/1/80 and should not be circulated.

Early Show
1. Sugaree  [14:03]
2. Catfish John  [09:35]
3. How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You  [08:23]
4. Sitting Here In Limbo >  [12:10]
5. That's All Right, Mama  [07:38]
6. Deal  [08:02]
7. When I Paint My Masterpiece*  [11:09]
Total time:  71:00

Comments:  Smoking performance with a wicked kewl setlist.  Epic Catfish soloing wails with the fat sound sound that makes me smile everytime.  Guitar is prominent in the mix (as is some supercheezy early80s synth soloing).  The levels on the source CDR were extremely low so I applied a +6 dB gain to the entire show prior to tracking, making sure there was no peaking/clipping after this relatively drastic increase in volume, bringing the recording levels in line with the aud encore splice as well.  

*I spliced in the encore from the previously circulated Scott Jones FOB SHure recording (

CDR source via slipnut.
DAE(EAC)>editing(SF6)>tracking(cdwav)>sector boundaries confirmed(shntool)>SHN(mkwact) via neo_levo.

misSHN 6/04.

shntool len output:
    length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE  probs   filename
    14:03.29     148773452     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-12a-d1t01.shn
     9:34.51     101373596     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-12a-d1t02.shn
     8:23.48      88842140     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-12a-d1t03.shn
    12:10.05     128783804     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-12a-d1t04.shn
     7:37.61      80758316     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-12a-d1t05.shn
     8:01.50      84966044     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-12a-d1t06.shn
    11:09.27     118075148     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-12a-d1t07.shn
    71:00.46     751572500 B                      (totals for 7 files)
e51c69461514c2f9483ecdedffe3fc58 *jgb80-02-12a-d1t05.shn
80b90549db4df1f409585be301f0da52 *jgb80-02-12a-d1t02.shn
31f5dbe202160fd450fab537aa4c3063 *jgb80-02-12a-d1t03.shn
efef105b18f34dd9bbcb0f9b714e0f8c *jgb80-02-12a-d1t04.shn
6892c72557414e9ca8dfbab3ffb0660c *jgb80-02-12a-d1t01.shn
d67c0b65bd782ec3ed7145d699e22410 *jgb80-02-12a-d1t06.shn
db79bf6750a7067c04c9bdd08c3e3e5e *jgb80-02-12a-d1t07.shn

Other Sources (comments)
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Date User Comment
06/29/2004 ezjim Upon closer scrutiny this appears to be 3/1/80, not 2/12. It may be a new, different 3/1, but it's not a tape of the same show as
06/30/2004 sport looks like i got a hard on for nothing.Oh well.
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