Radiohead 05/27/96
Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, Netherlands
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Entered by Ron Broman
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source: FM Broadcast > ? > cdr > EAC > MKW > SHN
the pinkpop festival
landgraaf, neatherlands
may 27, 1996

not to be encoded to mp3


01 my iron lung
02 planet telex
03 electioneering
04 high n dry
05 nice dream
06 street spirit
07 bones
08 lift
09 the bends
10 creep
11 lucky
12 you
13 just
14 fake plastic trees

FM Braodcast > ? > cdr >  EAC > MKW > SHN
2181e077a7e60849311df28a65ccbaf4 *Track01.shn
ff35dbafe058ede794fef315344c28c1 *Track02.shn
40da22d38983a976e127105e04dc00ce *Track08.shn
60c9350d228f002fd8bdbae45ddf558a *Track03.shn
dfb4820fac4aef2043e920f83f78d5be *Track04.shn
df6bab5bd90f105346ed2b7dd2fca48b *Track05.shn
546e8d638c2fc467b43eea81b5524a78 *Track06.shn
94fe04da0a42fef8f613784a073f53bf *Track14.shn
17316bf8f181cd0f3cc7b6ea7db2f42a *Track13.shn
46ed4a939d216275cf103523b5c90386 *Track12.shn
bd215a9481ca4536f6f1cf1975247701 *Track11.shn
61fd6603e0fafda8b8208f23cc0de439 *Track07.shn
2ae594da831b84e7bf6244c8a6679aef *Track09.shn
b1d57537d9c68339c5dd7b8ad997949c *Track10.shn
8016cd85b0094600c6212ec4baba546c *Track02.mkw
d7f9f539e1067096cab7b3841bff1add *Track07.mkw
01793a1cf8a8ca64ed4066bfb7c67774 *Track03.mkw
79529b4e5e2a3706e2ad8bae2604d59c *Track04.mkw
1fbda8e953a6067d5caa016600725082 *Track05.mkw
9911dd2ecb7d5845b2f40d1dfca8460b *Track06.mkw
c245426bcd9fb7642df6929120548257 *Track01.mkw
c83949ff6a7715c969dcbef83c133422 *Track08.mkw
8f0d7c971694e3e8ab81f6f0a11e4d3f *Track09.mkw
15b6920113d114b1bed4de6a5d8125ef *Track10.mkw
874f5a87a648d438f72a1d5872ef427a *Track11.mkw
737256c5bb3510b8a7ef05ee89b2ca45 *Track12.mkw
02c972c75fb49b3c1a31d554e59a1688 *Track13.mkw
b5941efb76282cbfd09cfda2743f515f *Track14.mkw

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