Dr. Didg 07/14/02
Oregon County Fair, Veneta, OR
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SBD (Graham?s In-Ear Monitor mix)
Dr. Didg
Oregon County Fair

Source: SBD (Graham?s In-Ear Monitor mix*)

Transfer: D8 > DBX 1531 Graphic EQ > Mackie SR32-4 Board > Crystal Soundcard > SF4.5 (record and normalise) > CDwav (split)  

Mastering and Seed: Graham Wiggins (aka Dr. Didg) didgnews@yahoo.com

Set 1

01. Didg Solo >
02. King Tut >
04. C Jam
05. SoundCheque
06. Ho Jo's Garage
07. Devon >
08. Bassline Improv >
09. Space >
10. Bob Junior
11. Pre Bouncy >
12. Bouncy
13. Street Music



Graham Wiggins: Didgeridoo, Keyboards, Melodica, Loops
Geoff Gersh: Guitar
Mike Weafer: Bass
Ryan Krieger: Drums

*If you have seen a Dr. Didg concert you probably noticed that Graham (aka Dr. Didg) is wearing earphones, and has a small mixer on the top of the rack next to him. With this mixer he controls his own signals and loops on 4 channels, and also brings in an additional 6 channels of sound from the other bandmembers to provide a monitor mix. He records almost every gig from the stereo outs on that mixer direct into DAT or Minidisc (DAT in the case of this concert). He then masters the recordings at home, adjusting the EQ, adding a small amount of reverb and sometimes applying gentle compression.

e0dc3a8eea97bd00493250f8530b0f12 *didg2002-07-14t01.shn
5e85e4958fbeb059b38233ae442b79bc *didg2002-07-14t02.shn
28bdd0df82c52283792731c1c2d714bb *didg2002-07-14t03.shn
6a84f4dd5653e21787212cac6dc197e3 *didg2002-07-14t04.shn
26576d4de5fe810914211ed8e849979c *didg2002-07-14t05.shn
36c85592cd4511f95aaff20a3ca7f5b1 *didg2002-07-14t06.shn
26f82df2d5a0fab01f919e44fab4ead2 *didg2002-07-14t07.shn
d7ead17fbb06cb8dca1938279942fbf3 *didg2002-07-14t08.shn
0daa868fc9d9b2100133a64c07eabbbe *didg2002-07-14t09.shn
e31d5f79f7dca0df47bfa3009d0172d6 *didg2002-07-14t10.shn
ca1ec7187ddfa3a8ce6d5c50fd255a15 *didg2002-07-14t11.shn

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