George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars 01/08/05
Rams Head Tavern, Baltimore, MD
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SP-C4>PS-2>AD-20>NJB3 Taper: Jeff Mewbourn (
George Clinton and the PFunk All-Stars
Ram's Head Live; Baltimore, MD
           January 8, 2005

Source: SP-C4>PS-2>AD-20>NJB3
Transfer: NJB3>PC>SF-7>Wav>SHN
Taper: Jeff Mewbourn (


  1. Intro>
  2. Funkentelechy
  3. Bop Gun (Endangered Species)
  4. Gamin' On Ya>
  5. Undisco Kidd
  7. To the Window>Get Off Your Ass & Jam>
     To the Window
  8. Give Up the Funk
  9. Up for the Down Stroke
10. Belita's James Brown Intro>
11. Jam>
12. James Brown Payback Jam>
13. Jam>
14. Bounce to This
15. Now That I've Got Your Attention>
16. Bounce to This
17. Violin Jam


  1. Ludacris>Rhythm & Rhyme>
     George's Verbal Diarreah Jam
  2. Som'n Stank>
  3. Hard as Steel
  4. Do That Stuff>Dr. Funkenstein>
     Mothership Connection>
  5. Swing Down, Sweet Chariot>
     Mothership Connection>One Nation Jam
  6. Maggot Intro>
  7. Band Intro>
  8. Maggot Brain
  9. Dog Star (Fly On)
10. Band Intro>
11. Happy Birthday
12. One Nation Intro>
13. One Nation Under A Groove


  1. Sir Nose Intro (taped)>
  2. Flashlight
  3. (Not Just) Knee Deep
  4. Scat Jam>Ants In My Pants>
  5. (Not Just) Knee Deep
  6. Sentimental Journey
  7. Atomic Intro
  8. Atomic Dog
  9. Jam>
10. Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On>
11. Rap>
12. Whole Lotta Shakin
13. Red Hot Voodoo Spacey Jam


Distortion is evident (but not overwhelming)
in a 2-3 spots, most notably on CD1-Track 17
(63:00-63:42), because George kept sticking
mics in a speaker during jams.

b2ac46307f9f7df1cd153cc7500a96f9 *pfunk2005-01-08d1t01.shn
ff4c8bec3531553d69278d4d2b13116b *pfunk2005-01-08d1t02.shn
a750c84e3bcd72b5e845842ba12b04ef *pfunk2005-01-08d1t03.shn
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8e110d881ba5a40872f0a27fba22dbc8 *pfunk2005-01-08d1t09.shn
988903978068c3127987a1b9b5ff8014 *pfunk2005-01-08d1t10.shn
2dff90a491a1da178e66394ea0954fee *pfunk2005-01-08d1t11.shn
44d8b6e7aff5c78079b122ffc683672b *pfunk2005-01-08d1t12.shn
c8dd66b3538805a394efdc83b7652285 *pfunk2005-01-08d1t13.shn
c21d04623becb1287f716a2d591a945b *pfunk2005-01-08d1t14.shn
7c9e8ff1fe46889e7b70308979cb8076 *pfunk2005-01-08d1t15.shn
2bf30e2b009fad61d40a0ef0d6605893 *pfunk2005-01-08d1t16.shn
e08203ff9250233cb99a79267da20352 *pfunk2005-01-08d1t17.shn
f93ab15cc61ece48c3263769172c0780 *pfunk2005-01-08d2t06.shn
bb417976475c367896cccb9497b3dbc6 *pfunk2005-01-08d2t07.shn
abfe654e0c4d9214ec4611d8c8ce85a5 *pfunk2005-01-08d2t08.shn
a618d2c5f7d1a8f98b9958c2c5bb0763 *pfunk2005-01-08d2t09.shn
a23f5d852c43d1f20dc40631c77d80cc *pfunk2005-01-08d2t10.shn
1fada1f0c1513b000f3e0e10877ac71c *pfunk2005-01-08d2t11.shn
a5ab26a532a058f62e879fcb828119c3 *pfunk2005-01-08d2t12.shn
f19c28b81ba5d59dca3a5f586d10c93c *pfunk2005-01-08d2t13.shn
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8208b0e939d9368816577498721a469d *pfunk2005-01-08d2t05.shn
8d8a71f1d281fd46defa754cd4ee229e *pfunk2005-01-08d3t03.shn
efeefa8a42f406390c31737d1a395f17 *pfunk2005-01-08d3t04.shn
42972ec33b3f768534b6715d9eea9c1b *pfunk2005-01-08d3t05.shn
19d3053644b6437e555d201c1cedac54 *pfunk2005-01-08d3t06.shn
285a77367429056b5c4cd4b70767c3a1 *pfunk2005-01-08d3t07.shn
36c77afb0156942eb6362c0e7c4e086e *pfunk2005-01-08d3t08.shn
b31b0ce4459e7dcaab3ca053b1044ace *pfunk2005-01-08d3t09.shn
1d4d613e4f231106c90aae9cf76267fb *pfunk2005-01-08d3t10.shn
e348c9f421710dc5f7e751e58cdcbb65 *pfunk2005-01-08d3t11.shn
c400117ac10c042dc93288e7f85cf477 *pfunk2005-01-08d3t12.shn
88fe1482ccd47e75f4999490dc0fc858 *pfunk2005-01-08d3t13.shn
9c0ff3086f78d405ba8c04c20caa7497 *pfunk2005-01-08d3t01.shn
7a45b77d4eb00c8451fcae95ce8aef6c *pfunk2005-01-08d3t02.shn

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