Garcia 02/20/80
Fine Arts Center, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
Source # 29308
Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary
Jerry Garcia Band: MAC (sounds like a handheld mic) > DAT > CDR > WAV > FLAC16(level 8); Taper: unknown.
Jerry Garcia Band
Fine Arts Center (University of Massachusetts)
Amherst, MA

Source:  MAC (sounds like a handheld mic) >DAT>CDR>WAV>FLAC16(level 8)
Taper:  unknown.

Disc 1 - Early Show
01  How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)  
02  Catfish John  
03  That's What Love Will Make You Do  
04  Simple Twist Of Fate  
05  //They Love Each Other  
06  That's All Right, Mama  
07  Deal  

Disc 2 - Late show
01  Sugaree  
02  Sitting In Limbo  
03  Tore Up Over You  
04  //Russian Lullaby  
05  Harder They Come  
06  Midnight Moonlight  

Comments: Beginning of They Love Each Other and Russian Lullaby are cut. Some tape problems periodically during Midnignt Moonlight.  

Poor quality with distant sound and at times with distortion - for completists only - this rates a solid C-  in my book.  Still a great performance though.  No other sources circulate.

DAE and FLAC encoding using standard procedure via C.Ladner.

    length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE  probs   filename
     7:51.35      83166764     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-20d1t01.flac
     9:05.41      96234476     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-20d1t02.flac
     9:06.40      96408524     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-20d1t03.flac
    14:34.43     154274780     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-20d1t04.flac
     9:08.41      96763676     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-20d1t05.flac
     6:41.71      70903436     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-20d1t06.flac
     6:41.69      70898732     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-20d1t07.flac
    12:02.11     127386716     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-20d2t01.flac
    12:12.74     129298892     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-20d2t02.flac
     8:32.14      90349772     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-20d2t03.flac
    10:53.22     115240988     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-20d2t04.flac
    14:03.40     148799324     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-20d2t05.flac
     8:32.25      90375644     ---   --    -xx    jgb80-02-20d2t06.flac
   129:27.01    1370101724 B                      (totals for 13 files)4 B                      (totals for 13 files)
76972d51076cefc9b9c42a1509f9252d *jgb80-02-20d2t03.flac
a7a7cbb7127279c9a87f8adf3c0e298b *jgb80-02-20d1t02.flac
a5a8debdb07c3429c7598535a0950e27 *jgb80-02-20d1t03.flac
f4c74da4ac40d9bace5c0db9f1d00996 *jgb80-02-20d1t04.flac
cd2dc2262b15257d8cbb1f49f957806f *jgb80-02-20d1t05.flac
c0a9276f1ce8e71dbef58ec9d68cc4b0 *jgb80-02-20d1t06.flac
27ecc17039e930be3a7a9058daa8b67a *jgb80-02-20d1t07.flac
360f4cdacc1f943616aa29f79d9add8b *jgb80-02-20d2t01.flac
a452c69cd72ed2754be8c314524ffd22 *jgb80-02-20d2t02.flac
02bdb32c9522aa7fd10fa3290d77f881 *jgb80-02-20d1t01.flac
83626ba614671391fa42a1d28fb7ba68 *jgb80-02-20d2t04.flac
3ea4764bf36441b5d8ea165205e0d99c *jgb80-02-20d2t05.flac
43ccd64b6237416c1144bbce13ab8cde *jgb80-02-20d2t06.flac

Other Sources (comments)
JGB; early and late shows:... (2) flac2448; late show; Naks -... (1)
Date User Comment
05/29/2005 XDennis Carter Text file says "no other sources circulate".Untrue. There are,is,at least 1, maby 2,other sources for this fine performance.This is an all time favorite of mine. Unless the "C" rating is way off,& I have the same source,(A- to B+ aud),my copy of this is damn nice.Nak 300 w/2shotgun mics, I believe.
05/30/2005 Joe Jupille It'd be great if you could seed that!
05/31/2005 neo_levo i stand by my comment that compared to other sources that circulate from this era the quality is not that good. w/o actually comparing the sources there's no way of knowing whether its the same source or same generation. there are no other sources on the lists of the folks who in general have seeeded the vast majority of garcia recordings over the last half a decade. if someone is new around or here or would now like to share something they have with everyone else, it would be greatly appreciated.
06/04/2005 XDennis Carter Neo is right, I'am sure now.I probrally have the same source as everyone else, I just don't agree with the C- rating. That threw me a little, as I think this would be more of a B+.Anything I would rate a C-, would be total crap, which this recording is not.I have had a cassette copy for years, that I got from the taper, in one of several trades we did back in early 1980.I met him at a GD show,(11/30/79),& subsequintly got this 2/20/80 from him. He listed his equiptment used on the 8/30/80 tapes he sent me,same deck & mics he used for this 2/20/80 JGB,& 2/15/80 JGB,which was: 2 Sony ECM 23f's > NAK 550.The disc I now have of 2/20/80 & 2/15/80,quality wise, match the cassettes,pound for pound.Therefor,I trust this source info to be correct.
06/06/2005 neo_levo i try to be pretty subjective when i give a grading. a C- isn't bad either - its below average. just like school.
A B grade aud is your typical 1991 JGB tour. A good A-grade aud is any of chuck vasseur's recordings.

the reason i gave this a c- is the analog gen, the loud crowd, and the relative lack of any appreciable dynamic range on the recording. that said, the performance is awesome. if i gave everything an A or B it would be meaningless.

btw - if you still have the 8/30/80 cassette and want to get it transferred to FLAC drop me an email ;)
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